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This video was done with the motive to involve kids into gardening. This video gives a step by step procedure on how to grow a vertical garden using minimal things and that is easily available in everyone home. Tips for kids on growing their own kitchen garden, techniques to make them Connect with Nature and grow their own plants. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to make Vertical Farming at Home || Terrace Garden || SumanTV Treeകുറഞ്ഞ ചിലവിൽ മനോഹരമായ വെർട്ടിക്കൽ ഗാർഡൻ നിർമിക്കാം | How to make vertical garden at homeAmazing Vertical Garden Ideas for Home, Vertical Garden Automatic WateringRecycle Plastic Bottles into Vertical Vegetable Garden at HomeGrowing Vegetables at Home with Automatic Watering, Vertical Vegetable Garden IdeasAmazing Vertical Garden from Recycled Old Water Pipe, Gardening Ideas for Home

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