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I made a vertical garden for my indoor pots. This garden takes fourth the amount of space as the pots would take otherwise. The garden is easy to make and is 36x30x7.5 inches. It can contain any pot with a width of 3.5 inches to 6 inches. It is perfect for growing herbs, seedlings, or microgreens indoors right next to a window. Plastic Container Mini Greenhouse 5 Low Cost Greenhouse Ideas Cover Plants with Plastic Tote and this Happens #IndoorGardening #DIY #Gardening #Garden Website: YouTube: Like Facebook Page: Join Facebook Group: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: How to Make Hot Compost Buy Kitchen Scraps in Your Garden and This Happens 5 Benefits of Coconut Coir 7 Tips to Grow Lots of Lemons 7 Tips to Grow Lots of Oranges 210 Lbs of Orange Harvest from 2 Trees 14 Store Bought Vegetables you can Regrow How to Grow Potatoes Growing 3 Types of Fingerling Potatoes How to Grow Lots of Radishes Top 5 Microgreens You Must Grow Top 5 Sprouts You Must Grow 10 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors 5 Beneficial Insects to Must Have in Garden ___________________ MAILING ADDRESS Jag Singh PO BOX 312 Fowler, CA 93625 ____________________ PRODUCT REVIEWS Send products to the above address and send the Tracking ID to info (at) I make educational videos for my viewers and will not be able to center my video on a product. If I like your product, I will include it in one of my videos and mention your product. I will also use it in future videos as needed. If I do not like the product, it won’t make it in the video. Please send a prepaid return address label if you would like the product returned to you in this case. […]

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  • Marinet Ramas 10 months ago

    Thanks for your wonderful channel, I found it knowledgeable.

  • CeeCee Nunya 10 months ago

    That's the perfect shelf for growing plants, Jag! Thanks for the tutorial. Also, do you use grow lights so that your plants don't get too "leggy?"

  • Aditya Kankal 10 months ago

    Hey I have a problem in my garden that all my plants are recently being attacked by mealy bugs
    Pls can you give me a solution to my problem
    Pls Jag Singh

  • Just Me 10 months ago

    Should have been an engineer then I could build but as of yet do not have a government approval for that..

  • Just Me 10 months ago

    Must ask are you American. HOPE so we need you. GREAT MAKER bless is all.

  • Small Garden Quest 10 months ago

    Woow great Idea I need to use it too! Got inspired by your videos and I started documenting my journey to my small garden.

  • David Fairchild 10 months ago

    Nice simple construction, but I would be using trays under each container for the drainage. Maybe wire it up for some adjustable height grow lights for those early days of growth!

  • Deal_N Truth 10 months ago

    Could you please tell me what type nail gun that is? Thanks.

  • Tawseef Wani 10 months ago

    waoowww…that looks so amazing…i will make one…❤❤❤

  • Best tik tok Shafiq 10 months ago

    Wo very nice

  • Ed Acevedo 10 months ago

    Nice job.. I could use one of those on my balcony.
    Thanks Jag.

  • Watching in Twentynineteen 10 months ago

    My brain just exploded at the salad containers. Thanks my tiny brain would have never thought about that.

  • Emanuel Porić 10 months ago

    Thi is great idea

  • Sameera Chughtai 10 months ago

    Good video .

  • Sumaiya Aziz 10 months ago

    Excellent! Keep it up

  • Steve Day 10 months ago

    Excellent & simple build

  • Nhyira Asiamah 10 months ago

    Great space saver! Thank you