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UPDATE VIDEO 4/17/16 – Check out this Pallet Planter I made! I planted it up with lettuce starts and toped it off with violas for some color! Follow us Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Send Mail To – 580 S Oregon St, Ontario, Oregon 97914 Gear we use: Video Rating: / 5 Ingleton Pottery Making a clay pottery Terracotta Wall hanging Vase / Planter on the potters wheel demo. How to make a simple design wall hanging vase plant pot made from terracotta clay. Ingleton Pottery Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to make a Pallet Planter25 Easy DIY Plans and Ideas for Making a Wood Pallet PlanterDIY Vertical Garden Pallet PlanterWood Pallet Wall PlanterHow to make a vertical pallet planter for growing herbs and flowers – Whanau LivingBuilding a pallet planter

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  • JennaFreds 1 year ago

    Hey Laura! Thanks for the video. I am interested in doing something like this soon. Will there be a follow up video on how well the lettuce are growing? Thanks! Have a great day.

  • Jordan Hecker 1 year ago

    Hi Laura! I've just started watching your videos and love them! Do you have any recommendation about which direction to face a lettuce planter? Does it matter much? Thanks!

  • Robert Brunston 1 year ago


  • Terry O'Connor 1 year ago

    Really great pallet lettuce planter …nicely done!! I planted a large pallet vertical planter about 2 years ago with red and white begonias (alternating rows) and on the top some lobelia to resemble an American Flag!! So many nice compliments from the passing neighbors. Was REALLY heavy and let it sit for about 2 weeks to root,then got some help to hoist it vertical against my from brick wall…Voila,success. Let me add that your size pallet looks much easier to handle lol

  • gigglymonkey12 1 year ago

    Would we be able to do the same thing for succulents?

  • razan Khayat 1 year ago

    Absolutely amazing small wall garden i get inspired thanks for the vedio

  • Espoma Organic 1 year ago

    We just LOVE this!! Thank you so much for showing how to use our potting soil!

  • Jill Baird 1 year ago

    I love this! I can't wait to make it!!!

  • Elana Williams 1 year ago

    I've got my pallet and ready to go!!! waiting for dry, warmer weather! !!!! lol

  • babescraftroom 1 year ago

    Very informative video. I am moving from NY to NV and hopefully I am allowed to hang these in our garden … can not wait to start my own veggie garden. You now have a new subbie too…

  • Shelley Nichol 1 year ago

    Great idea for small gardens

  • Trenity Faulkner 1 year ago

    I feel like a very bad plant owner for asking this but, what does "summer dormant" mean? I think I have an idea but I want to know from someone who is certain!

  • Katie Dubow 1 year ago

    Really awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • jean p 1 year ago

    Super cute! That's a perfect size palette!

  • Kat_39_ 1 year ago

    Love how you added the flowers up top (: love your videos!

  • Lucifette 1 year ago

    every garden need johnny jump-ups.. they are the cutest.

  • nancy veranth 1 year ago

    Happiness was accidently finding you wonderful youtube channel!!

  • Preet Pandher 1 year ago


  • chiaradina 1 year ago

    Awesome as always! Love your videos!

  • TheSignGuy32 1 year ago

    Same question as the other video, how much clay are you using, Thanks Absolutely beautiful.

  • Coloradokid15 1 year ago

    damn youve got skill, ive been throwing for about a yr now but im no where near that good.

  • metal0artist0kyle 1 year ago

    looks like chocolate. I WANT IT SOO BADD!!!

  • TheLyricalRAP 1 year ago

    I like the videos without the music better

  • cdmudslinger 1 year ago

    TERRIFIC…basic and wonderful…will have to make some..Thanks.

  • Gerda Van Nuffel 1 year ago

    verry nice work you made!
    Belguim grtz

  • Cindy Gilliland 1 year ago

    That's a great idea. Very pretty.

  • ratmfan105 1 year ago

    looking nice dan good pots, simple and elegant

  • credenza1 1 year ago

    Fantastic skills. Debussy is always good, too.

  • Lynn Woodward 1 year ago

    Those are precious!!! And a music bed too! I kind of like the sound of your wheel, but maybe it's just me. 🙂
    Thanks Dan!!! Always looking forward to your vids!!!

  • Aly B 1 year ago

    Another really good video:) Thanks!