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I’ve got a SUPER FAST and easy diy for all of you! This simple yet so chic and elegant diy is a unique idea for a wall art. It also makes for a gorgeous backdrop for a diy wedding or any other event that you may be hosting indoor or outdoor! It’s a great alternative to a diy flower wall or diy flower backdrop. I’m sure your guests will be amazed by this easy project ! Let me know what you think in the comment down below. Be sure to LIKE this video and SUBSRCRIBE to see more awesome DIY’s ! Take care, Love Cla Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY FAUX PLANT WALL ARTEasy & Inexpensive Trellis Ideas for Vining Plants and Just About Any Plant in Your GardenPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsTrellis Plant Support Ideas + 2017 July Urban Garden, Edible Landscape -Albopepper Walk thruEp 028: Plant One On Me: DIY Sub-irrigated Green WallMaking an outdoor Succulent Plant display on our stone wall

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  • Girl Makes Good 1 month ago

    Dude this is so creative–I love that I can't kill it!

  • Michelle Chu 1 month ago

    obsessed with this idea! Love your DIYs—brilliant!

  • Auntie Yaya 1 month ago

    I will use this to cover the ugly wall air conditioner!!! This is brilliant! Thank You!

  • moniicag956 1 month ago

    loved it!
    a paper flower picture frame above the bed.

  • Carina Lindgren 1 month ago

    That was awasome ☺

  • Federico nicolas Andreoli 1 month ago

    i loooooveeeeee uuuuu , u are amazing .

  • Rachel Ducote 1 month ago

    I'm early.

  • ClassyCrafting&Parcels 1 month ago

    So pretty! Great job. Really well done!