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How to build a DIY tower garden planter. That’s simple and easy. I love vertical gardening. It allows for more plants to grow in less space. If you are like us here at simply easy diy then space is at a premium and any project that helps us do more is a welcome idea. Not to mention the upward nature of this design helps save bad backs. Here’s the perfect solution for anyone dreaming of a gorgeous garden but has little space to make it happen If you can’t expand your garden horizontally why not vertically. Whether you choose this design or something else just remember to be creative, have fun and add some character. Be sure to subscribe and never miss a future organizing project. For more information on this project along with a materials and cut list visit: Also visit my facebook page: Visit me on Pinterest: —–Music by—– “If You’ll Walk with Me” by Tim England. This copyrighted work was used with full written permission from Tim England for commercial purposes within this video. Video Rating: / 5 In this video, Mr. Troy Albright from True Garden in Arizona demonstrates how the automated irrigation system of a Tower Farm works. Our irrigation systems have been designed to supply the water and fertilizers to each tower on an as-needed basis regardless of the amount of towers involved. A tower growing strawberries will require more water and nutrients than a tower growing parsley. Our irrigation system automates the whole process regardless of the amount of towers involved. True Garden in Arizona is the partner Tower Farm of Ibiza Farm in Spain. A Tower Farm irrigation system entails the following: – Container for nutrients A – Container for nutrients B – Gravity tank (size varies according to […]

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  • Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY 10 months ago

    ood stuff stan! I agree with you on that I I've had aromatic cedar planter boxes last one season. the the pallet ones seemed to last forever
    how do you like the Black & Decker belt sander I'm in the making of getting a new belt sander don't really want to spend a lot of money on one because I don't use it all that often just need something for end-grain cutting boards

  • Terry T 10 months ago

    nice one, will make a couple of these and line them, cheers mate.

  • Opa's Workshop 10 months ago

    Great job Stan,only problem is now my wife wants two of them lol

  • Caroline Schisler 10 months ago

    Came out awesome! thanks!

  • Barry Roberts 10 months ago

    Brilliant Planter Idea Stan. As you know i make Raised Beds and Planters for our Fruit Growing, and this one would be ok with a little modification can turn into a Vertical Strawberry Planter. At the start of the video you mentioned what type of wood people use, well depending on the size of Planter i do, i use Decking Boards or like you good old Pine.
    Well Done on the Video and Idea, hope you and your Family have a Happy Christmas and New Year.
    Barry (ENG)

  • Craig Pereira 10 months ago


  • 5lowethechamp 10 months ago

    Another great video, thx

  • K Glover El 10 months ago

    Do you sell this gravity feed system?