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SUBSCRIBE TO CORAL: This DIY green wall is the perfect solution for big, empty white spaces. With its ceramic planters and rough pine boards, it adds custom art to your wall while providing a beautiful, natural backdrop. Add plants and a few pops of gold, and your blank wall is transformed! Check out the main series episode BUY OR DIY: Check out more Buy or DIY: Find the full DIY written tutorial at _ SHOP FOR THE PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO: Shopping Cart MATERIALS 6 – 1x6x6 Rustic Rough Pine Boards ( 1 – 1x2x8 Pine Wood ( 2 x Picture Hangers weighted for 30+ Lbs ( 1” Wood Screws ( 1” Furniture Pads ( 3-4 Air-dry Clay Bins ( Leather Lace/Cord ( Gold Gilding Paper ( Gilding Adhesive ( Clear Water-based Enamel Paint ( Rust-oleum 245199 Universal All Surface Spray Paint, 12 Oz, Gloss White ( Modge Podge ( White Tissue Paper ( Scissors ( Small Dish Sponge ( Thick Trace Paper ( Razor Knife ( Pin Tool ( Wood Sculpting Kit ( Sandpaper Sponge ( Paint Brush ( Latex/Nitrile Gloves ( Rolling Pin ( Crazy Glue ( TOOLS Mitre Saw ( Power Drill ( Pencil ( Sponge ( Paint Brush ( Parchment Paper ( 18”x24” Sheet of Canvas ( 2x Small Bowl ( _ FOLLOW CORAL: Youtube (@TheCoralChannel): Facebook (@CoralDIY): Twitter (@CoralTV): Instagram (@CoralTV): Pinterest (@CoralTV): And be sure to visit on the web at _ Watch Sara Lynn here: Watch Candice here: Watch Eva Redpath here: Watch Sarah Bolen here: Watch Home Tours here: Watch DIYs here: Watch FIYs here: Watch Small Space Solutions here: Watch Buy or DIY here: _ Shopping Links provided by the Amazon […]

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  • Sarah Bolen 3 months ago

    Will definitely be trying this out!!

  • Kit Redmond 3 months ago

    The gold on these planters really makes it. Thanks Dani!

  • ash mcdoyle 3 months ago


  • Nikki Grandin Croucamp 3 months ago

    Thanks Summer for all the great insights and advice. Seeing your apartment has inspired me! I'm just beginning my journey with indoor plants – what do you recommend as the best plants to get started with? And what basic equipment do I need? I'd like to do a combination of plant, herbs and veg.

  • Earthereal Islam 3 months ago

    if I'm not mistaken hydroponics is highly damaging to the environment with regards to biodegradable