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Succulents are great low maintenance indoor plants that can be used to add life to any room. This DIY planter looks great as a centerpiece on a table or can be wall mounted with a couple of L-brackets. I made it from a short piece of a 4×4 post by drilling 2” diameter holes 2.5” deep. I coated the planter with Minwax Polycrylic to make it water proof. I made a simple one with three holes for plants first and then made a really cool series of faceted planters with asymmetrical holes for the plants. 5 or 6 of these planters could be made out of a single 8 foot long 4×4 making them an excellent option for DIY gifts. Related PostsHow to Make A Kick Ass Succulent Planter | DIY with CaitlinMake A Miniature Succulent Wall Planter ✽ || West Coast GardensDIY Faux Succulent Wall PlanterHow to care for succulents & make a succulent wall planterBuild a Succulent Wall PlanterSucculent Wall Planter || West Coast Gardens

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  • Amanda Dinh 1 year ago

    Just made a video on how to make a globe into a succulent planter, check it out on my channel :)

  • Owen Jones-Wells 1 year ago

    Absolutely love your projects, not least this one, in fact I am using this same design for a spice holder rack, minus the drain hole of course. Great idea using a simple material. Quick question. You used the Orbital sander to round the edges off, is this good use of the sander or not? I ask as I am in the market for a sander, and think this is the type for me.

  • Rica Patricia 1 year ago

    please go to the Philippines, help me make this things in our dry resort ill make your accommodation in the Philippines free, Hahahahahahaahhahhahahaha

  • Ricardo Jnbaptiste 1 year ago

    you should do a vid of a faux fireplace with mantle…others have tried but ur vid will be pretty good….

  • Indra Yudha Kusuma 1 year ago

    i love succulents

  • adorable ❤ 1 year ago

    I just love it, you make things look so beautiful

  • Youngwon357 1 year ago

    what kind of wood as you using? looks much nicer than standard pine.

  • Ted Baltz 1 year ago

    Did you put a plug in the geometric ones?

  • Ana Helena Rodrigues Alves 1 year ago

    wow! yours projects're amazing! congrats

  • dwdrummer 1 year ago

    Good stuff! Friendly advice- you should get a new mic and pop filter 🙂 you can even make pop filters out of panty hose and a clothes hanger

  • Marcos Mancini 1 year ago

    Verry good!

  • xavier saenz 1 year ago

    i have seen all your videos…keep posting more!! great job!!!

  • alfblack2 1 year ago

    LOVE IT! But unfortunately I am cursed. I have killed too many succulents. 🙁 Some of them died of over watering. Some of them died of dehydration. Cursed I tell you..

  • Scale & Repeat 1 year ago

    What's the name of the laser level?

  • Elie Maher 1 year ago

    Maybe even fit LED's ?;)

  • Elie Maher 1 year ago

    I have watched a lot of you video's and was wondering if your next project could be a cream/white double pallet bed? Would be amazing to see you make it! Let me know whether you choose to do it? My twitter is @eliemaher
    I really enjoy your video's!

  • Andreas M 1 year ago

    What is up with your audio? I nearly kill my ears when I watch another video because I have to turn it up so much watching yours.
    Great content, though!

  • neila ines ben hassine 1 year ago

    amazing videos pleaaaase ideas for head boards
    thank u 

  • Make Something 1 year ago

    Sweet project as always! I made succulent planters about a year ago and Home Depot  by far had the best selection of succulents. Even better than local green houses. I always look forward to your vids!

  • Bruce A. Ulrich 1 year ago

    I like the geometric ones too!