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Everything is listed below (click ‘Show more’ ) to view details. This video is about the making of a succulent garden using a strawberry planter. There will be a full garden tour video coming soon! I made a succulent account on Instagram, follow me! My GARDEN IG: ☛Let’s keep in touch! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: BLOG: PINTEREST: For Business Inquiries Only: Facebook: Youtube: Pinterest: Instagram: not sponsored. Video Rating: / 5 How to get a My Easy Garden vertical succulent garden dialed in quick and easy. 1. Have your materials including any My Easy Garden Soil System, A pot, Moss, Cactus Soil and preferrably 2″ succulents. 2. Fill pot with soil then insert your MEG system in the middle, simply add more soil into the top of the MEG system till soil is all filled in to the top. 3. Put your desired succulents into the slots starting at the top of the vertical garden so that soil does not fall out onto the plants below when you are putting them in. 4.Fill in the space at the base of the MEG with more succulents if you choose too, it will make it look a lil better. 5. Add moss in all the areas where you see soil to give it a finished look. 6. You are done, give it to a friend for a gift, put it at your front door step or anywhere else you want. Even find a spot inside your house. 7. Succulents dont require much water so they will not require a lot of maintenace, enjoy your vertical MY EASY GARDEN! Buy online at Related PostsGalvanized Vertical Strawberry Planter! 🍓🍓🍓(FULL VERSION) // Garden AnswerBuild Your Own Vertical Strawberry Planter Fast VersionDIY vertical succulent garden, […]

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