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Hey guys! Today I turned a chair into a succulent planter! Check it out and let me know what you think!!! Please Subscribe!!! Follow us Here: Twitter @GardenAnswer Instagram @lauralebout Related PostsDIY: AWESOME Wooden Succulent Planter Box!Build a Succulent Wall PlanterDIY Succulent PlanterHow to care for succulents & make a succulent wall planterHow to Make A Kick Ass Succulent Planter | DIY with CaitlinDIY Faux Succulent Wall Planter

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  • JoeyMrTurbo 1 year ago

    Very cool! Not sure why you wouldn't just drill some holes in the bottom for drainage? I think if I were to make this, the only edit I would have would to maybe use some sort of steel bottom with holes.

  • Donna Schoen 1 year ago

    Could you tell us how you watered your succulent chair? And how often? Do you use a spray bottles to spritz the moss and plants? any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • itubeutubealltube 1 year ago

    Laura, that is a beautiful chair.  Question: what did you do for drainage?  Did you drill holes in bottom or…?

  • Muna UK 1 year ago


  • Kacy Brewer 1 year ago

    any word on how you would water them when its time for watering? ive always heard it could harm them to water the plant itself

  • 315clau 1 year ago

    It's so beautiful I'm not good planting, I have try and keep died, don't know why.

  • Bennie Leaphart 1 year ago

    I like this, very creative

  • Belinda Rios 1 year ago

    What soil do you use?

  • Sheila Hunt 1 year ago

    I have a question….you in Eastern Oregon…I live in the high desert of central Oregon….elevation (2900')….do you take the succulents that you used in this video indoors in the winter? It is so cold some of the succulents you used don't look like they would make it.

  • harsha vardhan 1 year ago

    drumstick plant

  • PamBoch66 1 year ago

    great idea! very inspiring!

  • Ash.Renea93 1 year ago

    Love this !!

  • Lady q rolle 1 year ago

    hi jiwon hong I love your creativity and stuff I love plants this is actually my first time ever responding to someone one line that inspire me about something am more into succulents ever I wish I could send u a pict of one of the chair plants i did from your idea it came out beautiful

  • Nancy Estes 1 year ago

    You are so amazing. Thank you for everything you show us.

  • jiwon hong 1 year ago

    This is so creative, and smart! I went ahead and tried to look for more videos about chair planters, and so far non of them were as creative, natural, and beautiful as yours. Keep making videos like this please!!

  • Rosemarie Liden 1 year ago

    thank u …i try to all you make

  • Lyli Machin 1 year ago

    Hermoso todo lo que haces !!

  • Alter Ego 1 year ago

    Your husband is not sure about the pink? Wow, thanks for letting us know you've bagged a real man, congrats! Oh, and nice planter.