How to gutters from start to finish!!!
It’s Your Succulent Tip of the Day with a special announcement!
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DIY Step by Step Succulent Gutters

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  • Rose Marquinez

    I think I am going to try a couple of these between my deck supports. I have some now in pots and I think a closer view of them will be more interesting. Thank you for the instructions and video. And yes, a man doing manly things, is lovely!

  • Christine Millership

    Oh, you’re so right, Laura. Men look so sexy doing manly man things! My husband has promised to put up some succulent gutters when he does all the gutters on the house this autumn. Should’ve been done in the Spring but couldn’t buy the kit needed as the DIY stores closed for lockdown! You’ve kept me sane all through it, and it still hasn’t ended. Thx so much, sweetie! xx

  • Rozette Peckham

    My husband and I will tackle this project his weekend. We barely know how to hang a picture much less a gutter. LOL. What size screw do you use?

  • Caro C T

    Question, I built these gutters, started to plant away and had to pull everything out. I added the soil and sphagnum moss on top but I neglected to tap down and fill soil to the top as she had previously mentioned before. So, i started from scratch ! Worth it! Love this.

  • Orkids 55

    Thank you for sharing this technique. I love all your projects &!tips for the day. I’m so in love now with succulents. Prob i that I have no wood area at all yo install gutters. All walls are cement any suggestions to railings? Am looking forward to see your update in Arcadia, CA.. I live abt 2 cities up there within Duarte/Bradbury .. Getting all your tips to do around since we live in the fire area canyon,, thanks to Greg too.

  • Ramona Macabugao

    Thank you for sharing.
    Those hangers are also from the big box stores?
    I would like to have done few gutters too in my backyard garden.
    You being so much inspiration Laura.

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