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Victorinox Compact US:
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US Victorinox Waiter:
UK Victorinox Waiter:

This setup is called the Kratky method
no electricity, no pumps, no moving parts.

used non transparent jar – free
used plastic bottle with big cap – free
stone wool – free (leftover from flower shop, I just asked politely)
I paid only for the fertilizer. I used 3ml of 500ml bottle or 0.04$ for the project
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My Hydroponics Vs Soil overview:

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How To Clean out your Hydroponics Setup? Specifically the major sterilization between grow cycles. Grab your wash cloth, spray bottle and gloves! Today on Lex’s World I give you a step by step guide to cleaning as it pertains to chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Isopropyl Alcohol & Bleach. We’ll talk about cleaning all your items: mist heads, reservoir, air stones…everything. We will also talk about which H2O2 concentration you should get…3% or 35%….and where you can get them. This is just a general method I like; there’s many ways to wash a hydroponics setup and depending on its size and whether it is aeroponic, DWC or Ebb & Flow, there may be slight modifications to the process.
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DIY Small Hydroponic Setup for Free

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