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Four years after installing my new shingles, they’re still nice! Finally I had time to put the video clips together. Please click “show more”, and you’ll know the process much better. I had only one layer of asphalt composition 3-tab shingles on my roof, so when they were getting worn, I called contractors to give me a bid on a “roofover” or “re-roof”, which is just adding new shingles atop the old. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find anyone to do it. They all wanted to do a “tear-off” with new underlayment and gutters, which is much more expensive, of course. So I looked at my roof, which has easy access, and I decided to DIY. My gutters are still fine, as you can see. The wood plank underlayment is fine too, no “soft spots”. It was a big project, a lot of physical work, and I had to study each step a bit. My roof is a “hip roof” (no gables) and it has valleys and ridges. If you’re not interested in those things, you can skip those parts. A note about electricity: first I was scared of my power lines, but I tested them and found the two hot ones were insulated, and that there was no significant danger from them. I became comfortable around them, but avoided touching them. Roofovers need shingles of the same exact dimensions as the current ones, so they’ll line up perfectly. This makes it VERY easy to position the new ones. Some shingles are metric 39″ long and others are English 36″ long. My old ones were metric, so I had to look for that. I chose 30-year Landmark shingles, standard kind. I saw better consumer test reviews for them, and they were not expensive. Readily available, too. I avoided the thick textured dimensional […]


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  • M1000 Gade 2 months ago

    Bad idea to go over. People that go over give us contractors a bad name. Leave it to the pros.

  • J. Sam 2 months ago

    New roof material is void once you put it on over the old roof in Canada we tear off all the old crap and replace everything it code nowadays

  • Black beast 2 months ago

    I did a second layer on my old house work out fine how is yours holding up

  • vadim nesen 2 months ago

    Thanks I'll be doing my roof this summer .

  • Ricardo Medrano 2 months ago

    put a valley metal on jackass

  • Nonya Bizness 2 months ago

    What kind of shingles (brand) do you all use up in that wet area that hold up to all the rains and moisture?

  • Nice job and video. Ignore the trolls.

  • Gokhan akdeniz 2 months ago

    Thank you for the video.

  • tcwaterdrill 2 months ago

    I could not tell for sure, but looks like you replaced your plastic pipe vent boots with lead ones. I had to replace mine after 15 years in the sun here in the south. Went back with lead ones. 20 years later they will outlast the shingles. Good job.

  • MedGrower710 2 months ago

    Should get a professional when dealing with your roof. Not a DIY project.

  • Orlando Gonzalez 2 months ago

    is a horrible. job

  • HistoryHunter 2 months ago

    So how do you see if the deck is getting wet underneath?

  • Javier Garza 2 months ago

    Manufacturer warranty will be voided if you overlay the roof. I hope you informed the customer…

  • anthony williams 2 months ago

    ummmm always strip and start fresh. reroofing always has its nightmares down the line.

  • James Hamilton 2 months ago

    the easy way

  • putheflamesou 2 months ago

    architectural shingles are junk…nco way to go

  • putheflamesou 2 months ago

    architectural shingle is junk…nco baby nco old school

  • whitetail54 2 months ago

    Nice vedio Thanks for sharing!

  • Kansas Gardener 2 months ago

    Overlaying is not a good idea. The negatives far exceed the positives.

  • David Valentin 2 months ago

    Awesome video, just what i was looking for! Thank you for taking the time to edit it so well!

  • richard cook 2 months ago

    Hi mate how long did that take you start to finnish

  • Double Glazing Southampton 2 months ago

    Nice video

  • david murphy 2 months ago

    Nice job wonder if you could do mine .

  • 1975bloom 2 months ago

    Did you need planning permission to change the high of the roof?