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Home-grown fruits and veggies always taste better.For more information on building your own raised garden bed, see our helpful guide: If you want to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs yourself but have limited space in your backyard, this DIY raised garden bed might be the perfect solution for you. Shop our assortment of raised garden bed kits to make your own: Great for small yards and city living, raised garden beds can be built on flat or sloped ground, or even on top of concrete. Since they are raised, garden beds allow you to grow herbs and vegetables in regions with dry or rocky soils. They can also be a great solution for soils lacking in nutrients. Since they’re easy to assemble, they can be sized and shaped to meet your exact needs. Once assembled, fill them with topsoil and compost purchased from your local Home Depot. In this video, we’ll discuss some important tips and tricks for building your own DIY raised garden bed and the types of soil you can use. See our full Raised Garden Bed Guide, where you can also find the materials you’ll need: For all of your gardening supplies and needs, visit our Garden Center: For more gardening and outdoor DIYs, check out our helpful how-to guides: Follow our Garden Club board on Pinterest for more DIY gardening tips and ideas: Get more helpful home improvement tips, ideas, and projects when you subscribe to our YouTube channel:, or watch now: **Video Transcript** One of the most wonderful things about summer is being able to harvest vegetables, fruit and herbs from your own backyard. Today, we are going to help Stephan add a garden to his home. Stephan’s house is in the city. There is not much […]

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