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Learn how to build a garden bed using Adbri Masonry’s Versawall vertical retaining wall. This is a pretty typical Aussie backyard. You can’t call it a garden because there’s no plants, but I can fix that, make it look a lot nicer, hide the fence, and even the next door neighbor’s shed. What I’ve got in mind is a raised garden bed, which is a great idea for a couple of reasons. You can guarantee your plants have good drainage. You can guarantee they’ve got plenty of nutrients because you’re bringing in new soil that’s light, fluffy and full of all the good stuff. Now I’m gong to use a wall that’s called Versawall. It’s got a beautiful texture and a charcoal colour so it adds a couple of dynamics to the garden. Straight away it gives you height and that extra colour. The plants will thrive, hiding the fence pretty much straight away. The first thing we’ve got to do is work out where the garden bed’s gonna go, put a string line out, and mark it out. Now for my garden bed to be a metre wide I’m putting a Lilly pilly hedge in that I want to allow 600mm for it and then in front I’m putting some Liriope. I’m allowing 200 and then I’m allowing 200 for the block, giving me my metre. So I come off the fence finding a metre. The outside of my stake is the metre. Let’s double check it. Tie it off and we’re gonna take all the grass out. The reason I’m taking the grass out is it can grow though the soil in to your garden bed. And across the front I need to dig a footing. Now it sits on a 100mm of row, base compacted, but […]

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  • Sokun Tait 1 month ago

    How do I work out how much blue metal i need to order? Can you advise the volume each block can hold?

  • LONGB CHANNEL 1 month ago

    I like this garden very much

  • Melanie Radcliffe 1 month ago

    Question: Re villbboard attachment. What if your fence is colourbond? HELP!

  • Ma Therzie Ucat 1 month ago

    Hi there! Planning to do this in our backyard but can I put it on top of concrete and tiles? Thinking of putting liquid nails under the first layer. Will that work? Also it'll be an L-shaped garden bed, do you have any advice with that? Thank you

  • Tamara Tamrot 1 month ago

    In my first work I always used Woodglut plans.

  • songxingmu 1 month ago

    It looks so nice and well build looks more stronger than my house

  • Ashleigh Fleming 1 month ago

    Hi there, this is very helpful thankyou. Given there are no half blocks, how does it finish at the fence line?

  • Savann Sun 1 month ago

    Yep its a super nice one.

  • Arya Nanda 1 month ago

    Great job Mate,cheer from Bali,contact us for Bali trip.

  • Epopteya 1 month ago

    Bulletproof garden bed

  • Hardly Davidson 1 month ago

    What your not on better homes and gardens anymore

  • Meng Cheong 1 month ago

    Any alternate way to cut the corner cap other than using the giant brick saw???

  • Olivia Treloar 1 month ago

    Is the Geo Fabric looped under the gravel that is put behind the wall? And then the soil is on the other side of that?

  • adburn1066 1 month ago

    Jesus, you are really fast with that hammer, lmfao.

  • Vijaydeep Chauhan 1 month ago

    Do we need to add gypsum clay breaker before filling with garden soil ?

  • tan dan 1 month ago

    Do your products have fly ash in?

  • Abaid Aramex 1 month ago

    What did you use on coner cap its liquid nail or any other cement??

  • Yasmin Ghani 1 month ago

    Enjoy your video