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Step by step tutorial on how I built deep planter boxes along my fence. Related PostsHow To Make Drinks Bottle Hanging Planter – DIY Crafts Tutorial – GuidecentralHow To: Raised Bed Garden (Easy Way) Planter Wall Blocks!!How to Build a Concrete Raised Planter Bed Part 1raised beds – raised beds and plantersDIY Vertical Stacking Planters TutorialSucculent Hanging Wall Designs Floristry Tutorial

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  • Dirt Diary 1 week ago

    If you want to see what I planted, check out my next video:

  • Therlo Stallings 1 week ago

    Did you find that the dirt bowed the side walls?

  • Chris C 1 week ago

    im about to do the same thing, but going to line mine with some sort of polythene so staves off any rot. also, i dont want to screw mine to the fence, in case the fence needs replacing. looks good tho, seems simple, altho i do not have a circular saw, so blisters here i come 🙂

  • malk1275 1 week ago

    nice am doing the same very soon

  • Travis In Canada 1 week ago

    Nicely done if you dig up the rest of those bricks in the bed you can reuse them for your patio project

  • IdemRedd 1 week ago

    I think it's gonna bow.

  • Samantha Ortiz 1 week ago

    Did you say you used treated wood? You should never use treated wood all those chemicals that are in the wood will transfer to your veggies!

  • joss boss 1 week ago

    Looks nice !!!

  • Kheasl 1 week ago

    Looks really good! Good bang for your buck. Can't wait for a video about planting the veggies!