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I have a few more projects on my front porch to-do list, but I thought a planter’s box was a good starting point. A full written tutorial can be found on my blog here: Related PostsHow to Build a Trellis PlanterBuild a cheap and easy wooden planter boxProject – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence PicketsVertical Sedum Wall PlanterModern Planter Box | DIY BuildHow to care for succulents & make a succulent wall planter


Vertical Gardens


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  • Jhonatham Alonso 1 year ago

    then I wanted a screwdriver that here is very car …

  • Misterguitar59 1 year ago

    I love this woman!

  • Alejandro Muñoz Muñoz 1 year ago

    Hello, hola mi niña sólo quiero decir que eres increíble me dejas muy sorprendido por todas las cosas que haces, yo estoy empezando a trabajar independiente y formando mi taller,antes era un Jovi ahora es mi trabajo a lo que me dedico. gracias por tus videos aprendo mucho, solo quiero llegar a tener todas la maquinaria suficiente para desarrollar mi trabajo….un beso y abrazo desde Chile

  • Ray Soberano 1 year ago

    do you have a blog about this or facebook page?

  • mohamud cool 1 year ago

    شي حلو

  • Burak Songur 1 year ago

    turkiyeden sevgiler supersiniz

  • ‫محمد منصور محمد الكردي‬‎ 1 year ago

    10/10 pravo.

  • Wendell Luis 1 year ago

    Olá, eu sou do Brasil !
    parabéns !!!

  • pjdambra 1 year ago

    Love your videos kid. I like the way you show your mistakes we all make. Mistakes are a necessary part of learning.

  • DULY89 DULY 1 year ago

    What this work Bugger

  • Patrizia Vadilonga 1 year ago

    Buona idea progetto – Good idea , project

  • Blah

  • Giselia Pereira 1 year ago

    The legs were great too!

  • alwayzblessed25 1 year ago

    Dag April you're good. To advanced for me. Anything simpler for a melon garden?

  • The Cordless Carpenter 1 year ago

    Go Broncos!

  • KimChiTofu 1 year ago

    why do you have to glue everything? what happen to nail?

  • KimChiTofu 1 year ago

    why do you have to glue everything? what happen to nail?

  • Gary Harper 1 year ago

    Should have painted it blue and put a light on top and called it a TARDIS.

  • Kerry Wware 1 year ago

    If you kept the legs on, you could build a pair of those with speakers facing down through the bottom , out on your patio. They do look very nice by the way.