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➤Through Father’s Day (6/17/2018) get FREE plans courtesy of RIDGID Power Tools. Use code: RIDGIDDAD at checkout for promo PLANS: How to Build a DIY Planter Box with hidden drainage. This wooden raised planter box is great for flowers or use it as a raised garden box to grow herbs or veggies. And there is hidden drainage to divert the water and keep the lower cedar shelf clean and dry. BLOG: ➤Thank you to RIDGID Power Tools for sponsoring this video!: Check out the latest RIDGID promotions: ➤Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate): RIDGID 12” Miter Saw – RIDGID 18V Compact Router – RIDGID 18V Sander – RIDGID 18V Drill/Driver – Miter Saw Stand Plans – ISOtunes Bluetooth Earbuds – Spar Urethane – Blue kote screws – ➤SUBSCRIBE to my channel here: ➤Join the Builder Club on Patreon and get Free Build Plans! ➤FOLLOW ME on Social Media: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – Fix This Build That PO Box 680433 Franklin, TN 37068 Video Rating: / 5 Check out this video where I build a planter box using some scrap cypress from the shop. In the video I use cut nails to assemble the boxes. Prior to the 1920s cut nails were used for all construction and furniture making. They were replaced by the modern day wire nail, which is far less effective at holding together two pieces of wood. You’ll notice in the video how well the cut nails clamp the wood together. Check us out on Instagram Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build A Cedar Planter Box DIY | Crafted WorkshopModern Planter Box | DIY BuildHow to build a vertical garden planter box – DIY planter boxHow to […]

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  • Alex William 3 weeks ago

    Hi, that coat you wore inside, what is it?

  • goemaere fabian 3 weeks ago


  • Justin Nepute 3 weeks ago

    Great video! Thank you for the creative ideas!

  • desirae revels 3 weeks ago

    what was the woods name ?

  • Colin Henley 3 weeks ago

    What part of TN are you from? I'm from Maryville!

  • Green Kitty 3 weeks ago

    I like the PVC thing for drainage, such a smart idea!! Thanks for sharing : )

  • Strike Taing 3 weeks ago

    Look amazing ❤

  • roxanne Antonio 3 weeks ago

    So awesome! You made that look easy lol but i will still attempt to build one! thank youuu for this!

  • The Karnige 3 weeks ago

    what kinda of plastic did you use for the liner? not the weed barrier but the actual black plastic. I'm having a hard time finding it in the store.

  • Jody Knowles 3 weeks ago

    What size chamfer bit are you using, it's exactly what I need ? Thanks !

  • MAGA MAN 3 weeks ago

    Overuse of cancer screws.

  • Penguinandfishy 3 weeks ago

    I was not able to get the plans. Can somebody please tell me how to get them for free?

  • MrHandwerk 3 weeks ago

    Nice ! Greetings from my channel Mrhandwerk;)

  • Richard's Woodshop 3 weeks ago

    On the patio I have six very large planters where I did something similar to this. I lined each with a plastic tarp stapled in place around the top, just like you have the plastic sheeting. The tarps are reinforced with fabric which I thought would be good as my planters are larger than the one in the video. Then I have an 1 1/4" plastic pipe sealed into the tarp that carries the water away so it doesn't land on the patio ( you can't ordinarily see the back of my planters) The planter is then filled with a layer of drain rocks which is separated from the earth above it with a layer of landscaping fabric. That way the earth doesn't clog up the drain rock. It may be overkill but it works great. I keep thinking that I ought to make a video of how it's made and how the pipe is sealed to the tarp etc.

    Great job with yours BTW!

  • Brian Bullard 3 weeks ago

    Impressive production and techniques, wow. This would be awesome filled with ice and a bunch of cold drinks sticking out!

  • Jose Sosa 3 weeks ago

    thx for all your videos your the man love it

  • Julian Do It 3 weeks ago

    Great build video! You’re explaining very well

  • Eyal Tal 3 weeks ago

    So many redundant screws, what a waste…

  • CK Dude 3 weeks ago

    Which gum are you using

  • The Plague Doctor 3 weeks ago

    "Herb" planter. I will be planting the best "herbs" in this.

  • Niko Laamanen 3 weeks ago


  • Dexter Cruz 3 weeks ago

    Good day sir im from Philippines. Can i ask what kind of nail do you used? its unsual to me on that thing. Can i get the link? thanks for the reply 🙂

  • ปิยะวัฒน์ ใครบุตร 3 weeks ago


  • جاسم محمد 3 weeks ago


  • Pheonixmann111 3 weeks ago

    I guess we are different. When I get frustrated me and my dad throw wrenches but good advise

  • Parkway Concepts 3 weeks ago

    I want to help you make conference tables! I'm in Houston, where are you?

  • ThomasBuilds 3 weeks ago

    95° is hot!, but hey at least you got a shop I’m outside in the Alabama heat which lasts time I was building which is like every day it was like 105° on the heat index. Your work is awesome only thing I am wondering is how did you start off selling your products because I am fourteen and have a few years experience, built up my collection of tools table saw to bandsaws, am making some money, but I still would like to have more costumers just wondering how you started. Thanks I really enjoy your videos!

  • Adkins Mikkelsen 3 weeks ago

    Enjoy woodprix woodworking instructions.

  • jorden elsberry 3 weeks ago

    What kind of nails are those

  • Tomeka Pompey 3 weeks ago

    I think you can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

  • Stefan Egen 3 weeks ago

    Super Idee

  • I did it 3 weeks ago

    do something with free pallet wood. LOLOL…the cheapest wood at home depot…

  • Steven Lawrence 3 weeks ago

    Just wondering what part of texas your from?

  • Wamcelot 3 weeks ago

    Nice boxes. Just an idea: putting a liner in them would have saved the wood from swelling so much.

  • Mister Gupton 3 weeks ago

    1:31 what tool is that? Some rotary chamfer? I tried to find it on Google, no luck.

  • Palulo 3 weeks ago

    Peliculas de oeste

  • Josh H 3 weeks ago

    You should narrate your videos