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I actually grew to like my last planter box, but not enough to throw me off my original plan. So I gave it another shot and was able to nail it this time. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsProject – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence PicketsIdaho Lawmakers Take Steps to Raise Health Awareness in SchoolsUS farmers take to streets against MonsantoHow Ants Take Care of Their FarmsWorld Naked Bike Ride – 2015 – Take a ride with meDIY: AWESOME Wooden Succulent Planter Box!


Vertical Gardens



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  • Giggle smith 1 year ago

    Looks great! I'll have to settle for a few planter boxes on Amazon.

  • edward vargo 1 year ago

    I like this one more. the square one was great as well but it Did look more like a trash can. VERY NICE. You are such an amazing and Talented Person!

  • Derek Rowlands 1 year ago

    Do you publish plans for any of your projects?

  • Xav Lyon 1 year ago

    Hi April, as always a wonderful diy video.
    I prefer the square planter box, cause it's more stable ( of course top and bottom faces are same size !! 😉 ).
    Isn't it strange to put weight in the highest half of an "inverted triangular shape" planter box ?? 😛
    Well nevermind. Your designs are still nice as usual.
    Keep going on !
    Best regards from France

  • Shahzeb Malik 1 year ago


  • Steven Chavez 1 year ago

    I like this one better. In your video you smirk when something comes out good. It cracks me up because I know the feeling. Love when an idea comes together.

  • Alejandro Muñoz Muñoz 1 year ago

    Hello desde Chile. pregunta la maquinaria que tienes tu es mas barata que en mi país. …

  • Sasa Cuca 1 year ago

    Better :D

  • Alistair Dymock 1 year ago

    fantastic videos. great pace. I think it's the paint colour choice of black I'm not loving on this, but lovely design.

  • Maureen Chantry 1 year ago

    Like these I am 78 and just getting into small woodwork items love this and will try my own version ..I do not have all the tools so I shall have to improvise.Nice to see there are other ladies trying.Congratulations

  • Michelle Rushing 1 year ago

    yes okay I see the eye you first had I like both

  • Pickle Pickle 1 year ago

    you are a bad ass! new sub

  • Anthony Ezekian 1 year ago

    This one seems nicer than the other one. Great job April.

  • ‫قصي النسور‬‎ 1 year ago

    nice and clear

  • Miguel Sanchez Santana 1 year ago

    megustan sus videos

  • Aurimas Žiulpa 1 year ago

    were did you get diresta pencel

  • colormegone03 1 year ago

    Nice, I like the tapered one better….thanks for sharing.

  • Farhan Mughal 1 year ago

    hy,April I recommend you to buy a matrix black and decker cordless drill with various attachments