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I found some scrap wood by the dumpster and decided to make it into a planter box for my wife. Website article: Related PostsReclaimed Wood Planter Box – Eski Görünümlü SaksıBuild an easy, inexpensive wood planter boxDIY Wood Cube Planter25 Easy DIY Plans and Ideas for Making a Wood Pallet PlanterWood Pallet Wall PlanterWooden planter boxes plans: How to make a Wood planter plan? Planter drawings needed? (Click Here)


Vertical Gardens


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  • Hanna The Trololol 5 months ago

    I love the way you did this! I will be sure to do this~

  • Nelida Pérez 5 months ago

    Buen trabajo, mi esposo hizo un pozo para decorar, lo vi en YouTube

  • Per Shop 5 months ago

    For those who need measurements, if you assume a planter box of 10 to 16" long, as well as how high apart you want the 2 planters to be, then depending on what you like, then you can base the other measurements on that.

  • Anna Azarov 5 months ago

    You made it so easy ,i can't even follow you that fast ,but your work was so clean and amazing ,thanks please always talk and give us the measurement if it is possible for you and do it step by step ,thanks so much

  • M mangla 5 months ago

    very nice

  • Zack Austin 5 months ago

    Wow looks super fine…, I have also been a bit busy honing my woodcrafting skills. Just got Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible (it's online) and I'm delighted with the projects 🙂

  • Lucia Cooper 5 months ago

    Where is the list of materials and measurements, I'd love to build this but I'd have to have it cut by my local supplier. I don't have all the fancy tools, except for the nails! 🙂

  • what the hell did I just watch? 5 months ago

    Sanic fast XD and this is awesome I plan on growing some small vegies in my apartment balcony 🙂 fresh is best thank you

  • nigel weston 5 months ago

    So affective and a centre piece for the garden,great video.

  • Ernie Zamora 5 months ago

    Looks great I like it do you have the measurements sorry ask I have a small yard and I would like to make one thank you …

  • enrique cea 5 months ago

    Look nice