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A DIY planter box bench that is simple and easy. The bench can be made to fit just about any size outdoor cushions you happen to have or can find. The height can be made to better suit taller or shorter people. A thick cushion or no cushion is no problem either. Plastic planters of all different sizes can be placed inside the boxes to make the project last longer and maintenance free. This project can be placed on a deck or patio and can be made out of cedar, pine or any other species of wood you may have on hand. I’ll show you how I built mine in a simple and hassle free way. All the measurements along with a materials and cut list can be found on my website at: See this Planter box bench being set up and installed here: Also visit my facebook page: Visit me on Pinterest: —–Music by—– “Hit My Soul” by Silent Partner Related PostsHow to Build a Planter Bench – This Old HouseSoftwood decking & raised bed – benchDIY Vertical Garden PlanterSuper Cool diy ideas | Easy Homemade Garden Bench … cool ideasHow to Build a Planter Box. An AWESOME Planter Box for $7.50!!The $20 Window Planter Box – DIY Project


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  • Alcindo Nascimento 11 months ago

    Gostei muito desse trabalho. Certamente em breve irei fazê-lo. Obrigado por postar os vídeos. O mundo está precisando de pessoas como você. Deus abençoe você é sua família!!!!

  • Susan Fite 11 months ago

    First let me say, I Stan is amazing and greatly appreciate his videos. I finally completed this project (all but a light sanding and stain). It's much bigger and heavier than I thought it would be. I'll attached the bench slates when I get it in the location I want it in. I originally had issues with the measurements but I see Stan updated the cut list. If your a beginner builder like myself, the step by step directions leave you thinking you won't have to put thought in to this project and that is not the case. Like I said, I'm new to building and I'm a women so I need things broke down and spelled out for me. All power tools come with directions clearly written by a man in both English and Spanish. I think the directions should also have a "womens" set of directions. HA!!! This project does take a good bit of time so don't think your gonna knock it out in a day. If you don't know how to use a kreg jig, figure it out before you start. It kicked my butt. I'm looking forward to working on more of Stans DIY projects.

  • 037emka 11 months ago

    Thanks for this vid. My husband it building one as we speak! Also really appreciate the detailed info on your blog!

  • Barnacle Blimp 11 months ago


  • Stanislav Grymblat 11 months ago

    Excellent video! I watched with interest! We are grateful to you for viewing my videos and comment on them. I vote Thumb up!

  • Caroline Schisler 11 months ago

    That's a good way to turn what would be an otherwise empty barren space into a nice seating area.

  • Jp's Custom Woodworking 11 months ago

    Nice project Stan, i think it looks great. i like the bench and flower box combo. >:)…JP

  • Deep South Homestead 11 months ago

    Great build the only problem here is termites would eat it up in a month.We have to use cedar or treated material to make it last.Love the look of it gives me an idea for Wandas herb garden.

  • Alex761107 11 months ago

    Good job

  • shaun sullivan 11 months ago

    great project stan well done

  • david galeski 11 months ago

    I like it

  • Karwan Shkur 11 months ago

    good nice work and very beautiful family thanks

  • Realistic 11 months ago

    ahh. thanks god you are back. like you'r video and try to make everything what you make. you are awesome. (i have only 21) love and enyoj woodworking.

  • ItsyFarm 11 months ago

    This looks like a good project for pallet wood, too!

  • Jack AttackGold 11 months ago

    Nice, I feel like it just makes sense to use as little stuff for as many uses possible

  • Jeff Harmed 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Nice easy design and build.

    Does it rain much where you live?

  • Mike Gus Fifteen 11 months ago

    It was actually a good thing you had some space between your slats where your planter boxes sat. That allows for water drainage so no excess water stagnates!

  • SAWBLADE PROJECTS 11 months ago

    Great project!

  • Joe basementwoodworking 11 months ago

    i built a couple boxes like that like 2 years & some change ago.theyre both "rustic" now since we leave em out front all yr round, but that wood have been a great idea for the backyard. .maybe ill build em again…and add the 2x3s..good stuff stan!!very nice !

  • Ron “Big Ron” Sanford 11 months ago

    Stan i really enjoyed the new project,have you ever tried the rubber mulch instead of the cypress,if so how did you like it,thank you for sharing,all the best to you and yours