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I took my plants up! I realized that I was running out of space, so I created a plant wall with pot rings. Let me know what you think and if I should add anything else!! Related PostsHow to grow a verticle upright squash plant and other vines in a small garden space Part 228 Greatest Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Space Urban Gardeners | GARDENMaking an outdoor Succulent Plant display on our stone wallVertical Gardening Made Easy – Small Space Vegetable GardenVertical Gardening Made Easy – Small Space Vegetable GardenCompost Garden Tower- Dump, Plant, NO TURN, Grow FOOD in Small Space No Bending

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  • Casey's Green Thumb 1 month ago

    Wow! This is gorgeous! I can totally envision all your beauties trailing down all long and lush. Great job, and great video!

  • Mary J’s Plants 1 month ago

    Love the plant wall! Might do one now!

  • Donna Womack 1 month ago

    Love that idea looks great !!

  • Debbie 1 month ago

    This may sound like a silly question – but how do you control the humidity? Great looking plant wall!

    Debbie in WA Ü

  • Aumpti 1 month ago

    I find your videos very helpful. Great job!