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MAKE SURE TO BUMP UP THE QUALITY TO 1080P! Natasha’s channel: Natasha’s video: ————————————————————————————- Banggood: Silk Boston Fern: 5 x Arfiticial Plant: Lavender Bouquet: Artificial Lavender: Artificial Grape Leaves: Artificial Plant(green edge): 10pcs Transfer Paper: More Artificial Plants: ——————————————————————- I’ve been wanting to make a video featuring plants for a long time and I finally decided to do DIY plant pots (planters)! Finding nice and aesthetically pleasing planters is pretty hard, so I scrolled through Anthropologie once again and found a lot of nice ideas, that were of course, really expensive so I recreated them for way cheaper! I’m going to show you how to make a cardboard geometric planter, macrame (woven) hanging planter, sea creatures hanging planter, light bulb planter, and more! —————————————————————– G E O M E T R I C P L A N T E R +cardboard +plant pot +ruler +glue M A C R A M E H A N G I N G P L A N T E R +twine +glass L I G H T B U L B P L A N T E R +light bulb +pliers +twine C R Y S T A L C U T P L A N T E R +cardboard +paper mache mix +newspaper +acrylic paint S E A C R E A T U R E S P L A N T E R +clay +paper mache mix + newspaper +acrylic paint +twine S T R A W P L A N T E R +straws +wire +spray paint —————————————————- How many likes can we get on this video? P R E V I O U S +DIY PHONE CASES // Valfre Inspired + 3D Silicone Cases +WHAT’S ON MY PHONE […]

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  • Michaela Lester 1 year ago

    You can get fake light bulbs at Hobby Lobby! Might be a little easier. SUPER CUTE THO

  • Barely Gerbils 1 year ago

    "Soil? I believe it's called?" You don't know what soil is????

  • n o r m a l i e n 1 year ago

    I love sea creature

  • Grimlock 297 1 year ago

    my favourite ones were the light bulb and the gold straw

  • flamingderp 1 year ago

    Your videos are soooooo bomb. Like I can't even comprehend the quality of your content and editing. I'm totally subscribing.

  • sanaa julia 1 year ago

    For the clay planter you can use cling wrap or plastic wrap and put around the clay then use the paper mache on the pot and nothing will stick to the pot and you wouldn't have to cut it in halves just a tip

  • HashTagHugSwag 1 year ago

    you can buy fake light blubs online

  • Bronze Buddha Beats 1 year ago


  • Laurie Broms 1 year ago

    the way she looks and sounds reminds me of cutiepiemarzia

  • Paola Pérez 1 year ago

    They're all so cute! Definitely going to try <3

  • blurry 1 year ago

    Honestly in love with your videos. What did you use to dot your nails with? Is it permanent?

  • BeautifulDaisy 1 year ago

    This is the best video ever!!

  • Zeynep Bayrakdar 1 year ago

    Omg your diy's are much better and more original than other youtubers ♥_♥ I think you deserve more subscribers!

  • T H S 1 year ago

    I love love love thisssss

  • LifeasLonan 1 year ago

    intro goalzzz