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Today we make a plant background out of matala mat. A nice alternative to a moss wall. Link to the Matala Mat: We Upload every Monday morning. Check out our website at for more info. Related PostsSucculent Plant Moss BallDIY FAUX PLANT WALL ARTHow To Make Succulent Hanging Wall Art & 2 More Plant DIY Projects Bea Organized Refinery29Succulent Plant Wall Clock ~ Butterfly BazaarLiving and Moss Walls by Greenery Office Interiors Ltd Calgary Alberta.Pi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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  • Sean Stevens 1 year ago

    Its been a year since you started this project, Any updates? I would love to see how its working out.

  • jefferynunn 1 year ago

    So could you hide a sponge filter behind it?

  • Emmit Stewart 1 year ago

    when using yarn to hold plants, get a shade of olive green.  Most plants have a certain amount of carotene in their leaves, which makes olive green or avocado a better color match.  Also, I would start the yarn through from the back, place the plant right next to it, start the yarn as close to the other side of the stem as possible for the return stitch then make the knot on the back side of the sheet.  That way, you have the minimum amount of yarn on the front, and if you have to let the yarn show, as you did on that Java fern, it will be less obtrusive.

  • Tee Con 1 year ago

    why would you use yarn when you could use invisible fishing line

  • Redskinshouse95 1 year ago

    So how did this end up turning out. I would love to see it now

  • 4FunRC 1 year ago

    Wouldn't superglue work for attaching plants?

  • The Glitch 1 year ago

    The key to the moss walls is to keep trimming the moss down.   It'll spread out faster and let the lower down mosses get some light as well. :)

  • OZZYTHEOSCAR 1 year ago

    Love this idea. Also would make a great place for any fry or baby shrimp to hide.