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DIY: Permaculture Veggie Tower (full insert)

| Hydroponic Gardening | 5 Comments
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  • Kerry Hanneman

    Salad greens aren't permaculture plants, so what exactly about this little hipster charade is actually 'Permanent Agriculture' ?

  • Jan Coldwater

    How do you get the soil out of the center composting pipe to use in other areas of the garden? I have to think about this. Maybe I will cap the bottom of the tube with a screen, and also surround the tube with another fence tower. I can put some support beams from the center tower to the outer tower! Yep! That should work! I could then slide the tube in and out when I want to get to the compost and not worry about the dirt collapsing back in. I might use hardware cloth in the center tower, to make sure I can remove the pipe without a lot of dirt falling.

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