To avoid buying an expensive mosquito net, you can build a DIY mosquito net. First of all, you have to buy the right materials. Those offered by Brico, for example, allow you to build a very comfortable mosquito net in a simple and fast way, as it is a roll-up model that therefore allows you to use the window without problems, unlike fixed mosquito nets. Before proceeding with the construction, the measurements of the window must be taken. Then you have to cut the case of the Brico mosquito net using the measuring tape and the iron saw. Then you have to insert the spring in the seat inside the case, closing it with the screws. At this point it is necessary to fix the center line of the crate guide, where the cord will then be placed; the handles and side caps will then be inserted into the guide. Once the clips have also been fixed at the ends, you can proceed with the insertion of the side guides, cut with the saw according to the size of our window. Once these operations have been completed, the Brico insect screen is ready to be fixed to the window.

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The OBI shop OBI offers different types of mosquito nets to protect your home from insects: the well-known DIY and gardening chain has in its catalog mosquito nets for tear-off, roll-up, pleated doors and windows, as well as those for gazebos. There are also retractable or sliding mosquito nets or those that can be removed at the end of the season, such as those with panels. Obi also offers several kits for the construction of do-it-yourself mosquito nets, consisting of the net, the tape in the case of the tear-off ones, the screws and the clips to fix them, the guides to be inserted in the windows, all complete with instructions to make them. You can choose between different materials and different colors; any type of mosquito net available with the assembly kit, otherwise you can choose the delivery and assembly service, obviously spending a little more.

The various parts of a mosquito net Choosing to build or install mosquito nets for your doors or windows yourself allows for considerable savings. Fixed mosquito nets normally cost from eighty euros upwards, without considering the extra expense for assembly. The do-it-yourself ones, on the other hand, vary according to the type: the tear-off ones, that is those formed by a net fixed to the window by means of an adhesive tape, cost from five euros upwards; those with curtains cost about eight euros; the extendable ones cost about ten euros; those by cut cost from 3 to 6 euros per meter, depending on the type and material; those roll-up with cord cost from 30 to 60 euros; the horizontal ones, usually used for doors, cost around 100 euros. Before choosing which type of mosquito net is most suitable, it is necessary to make an estimate of the tools to be used: the net, the tapes, the screws, the flaps, the cord and the clips are generally supplied in the DIY kit. But to make them you will also need tools such as an iron saw, a screwdriver, a drill, a meter and any other tools, depending on the type of product chosen.

The DIY insect screen kits are complete with all the materials needed to make your own model and to mount it on your window. Tools, such as a drill, screwdriver or saw, are usually not included in the kit, although sometimes some companies equip their kits with an Allen key for example. Usually the kit of a hinged or roller insect screen includes: the net, the screws, the dowels for the window compartment, the shutters, the caps and the springs to be fixed in the window compartment, an adjustable brake that allows you to control the rewinding speed of the net, the lanyard to rewind. Then, depending on the type of mosquito net, the kits can contain different objects: in those of the tear-off models, for example, we will find the net and then the adhesive tapes with which to fix it to the window, or the magnets in the case of fixing with magnets.

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