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Don’t let your scraps go to waste! Turn them into something fun! Today we are sharing a quick and easy project you can do to pretty up your walls and use up your scrap pile! If you don’t have scraps, you will only need two boards to make a planter! Free Printable Plans: Glu-Bot – BEST glue bottle ever! Link here – Here is the stain we used on these! – — DIY Floating Shelves: DIY Thanksgiving Table: DIY Wood Bench: Our Favorite Tools: — Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Blog: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsModern House Wall Planter Ideas For 2018Modern Wall Mounted PlanterModern Planter Box | DIY BuildDIY Concrete Planter,, Episode 16, HomeMade ModernModern Home Decor – Urbio Happy Family Wall PlantersHow to Make a Vertical Wall Planter for Succulents

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  • Shane Morgan 3 weeks ago

    These turned out great! Did you stain then and then distress them?

  • Sabrina Sayre 3 weeks ago

    Love this

  • Set Apart Health 3 weeks ago

    How did you hang these? Also, I have a video suggestion 🙂 I would love to see a video where you guys show how you hang various items like your mirrors that you built, the home sweet home sign (heavier and lighter wood builds). 🙂 my wife and I love everything you guys do! Thank you for making such quality videos as well as making projects so easy to build and inspiring!

  • William Burke 3 weeks ago

    I just finished mine for the salon. Thank you for all the great videos!

  • MsJennhall 3 weeks ago

    Love this idea! Do you guys have plans for a hallway tree? If not, I would love to see your take on one!

  • DAVID CAMACHO 3 weeks ago

    What app do you use to draw up your designs

  • Grzegorz Makarski 3 weeks ago

    0:46 no ear plugs, no respirator… really?

  • Spring Giddinessify 3 weeks ago

    Love this so much !

  • Nicki Kreidermacher 3 weeks ago

    Love these I think when I make mine I will go shorter. Love everything you girls make and that work space!!!!! How do you hang these on the wall?

  • Bull City Woodworks 3 weeks ago

    Nice. Did ya know that there is a lil nub on top of the glubot that holds the red cap while it is in use, so it's not all dangly gangly while you are pouring glue?

  • Margarita Segarra 3 weeks ago

    You ladies are awesome! I just made the $7 blanket ladder. Amazing!! You know I will be making the planters. Yay! Easy!

  • Janna Sawaya 3 weeks ago

    How do you hang it on the wall?

  • Morgan Scheer 3 weeks ago

    What do you use to hang them?

  • Lynn Putzel 3 weeks ago

    I love you too and the wood work but most of all love he lashes lady's…..

  • pamela mayfield 3 weeks ago

    How did you attach them to the wall?