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Description My version of a indoor grow tower. This is part 2 where we install pump and the general hydroponics rapid rooter grow plugs. where to buy pump: seeds: rapid rooters: Related PostsGrow Tower Mini version Part 1How to grow weed (hydroponic) indoors part 2how to grow weed hydroponically indoors part 1How to grow weed (hydroponic) indoors part 8How to grow weed (hydroponic) indoors part 6How to grow weed (hydroponic) indoors part 5

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  • Haroon Qureshi 10 months ago

    nice design…how many liter per hour water pump you are using?

  • walid walid 10 months ago

    amazing i was searching how to build tower thx too much and i want to follow u in facebook if u please one question what is the black material did u but the seeds in it?