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I’ve had this one planned for quite awhile now and the time has finally come to make a living wall terrarium! There are a lot of ways that I could have done this, but I feel that transforming a baseball bat display case into a terrarium was a great idea. As I said I bought the case for .99 at a thrift store almost two years ago. I wasn’t sure what to do with it until the other day. I think this one turned out really well and love the fact that it was an upcycled project. I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to a thrift store or flea market to find containers and other items for your builds. I always find the best things when I do. If you need more terrarium inspiration then check out my Terrarium Builds Playlist linked below! If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, leave them down in the comments! Also for additional content like this, photos of my terrariums, projects sneak peeks and more, follow me on Instagram @SerpaDesign. #livingwall #terrarium #serpadesign Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsSucculent Wall Planter – Fake Succulents | Artificial Succulent Craft with Fake Moss | Hat CraftDollar Tree Hanging Terrarium with Living Succulents DIY Easy Living Home DecorLiving and Moss Walls by Greenery Office Interiors Ltd Calgary Alberta.DIY Plant Background Moss Wall AlternativeBuxus Palms Native plants Ivy balls Terrarium plant wall

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  • SerpaDesign 1 month ago

    I really like the way this one turned out and I was very excited to share with you! What do you think? Now I'm inspired to swing by the thrift store today and see what I can find… wish me luck!

  • siddharth chakravortty 1 month ago

    I fell in love with moss and Terrariums after seeing your videos. Making Terrariums is so therapeutic. Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately I stay in that part of India where temperature ranges from 45°C in summers to 2°C in Winters and finding natural moss has been a struggle
    Anyway,best wishes !

  • Captain Greenhat 1 month ago

    That's amazing!!!

  • Camillo Favaro 1 month ago

    this is my favorite too!

  • Anaelle Giorgi 1 month ago

    Just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • yanagogo cool 1 month ago

    That‘s very very awesome and pretty! you are so amazing! I love your ideas! Amazing channel!
    But I wonder whether there will be worms and bugs growing inside it?
    Really appreciate if you reply!

  • Peron Spence 1 month ago

    Can I make my iguana enclosure into a terrarium/vivarium like structure if I am planning to use a cage like structure? Or must the structure be closed? Thanks in advance for your reply

  • Alfman 1 month ago

    Awesome idea

  • ma ha 1 month ago

    Nice work!! But how long they will survive? Want to see more video about how u mantain it…!

  • Andrew Romans 1 month ago

    How often does something like this need watering/maintaining?

  • FlowerofDissolution 1 month ago

    This is such a lovely looking terrarium! Good on your wife to push you to make this. It's truly stunning!

  • Adam Till 1 month ago

    Fun build! Can you talk about nutrient supplementation (fertilizer) for moss projects? I’ve watched a few of yours and so far you’ve mainly focused on moisture management.

  • Zeeshan Johar 1 month ago

    You deserve more subscribers.

  • Roshin Varghese 1 month ago

    Thank you for posting. This is much beyond my imagination. Looks awesome and as you said, it's a million times better than the mood of a painting. Bless you wife for her innovative idea.

  • indomie is my bae 1 month ago

    Cool build, it will really adds a new ambience on the living room.

  • Backpack 1 month ago


  • Shank Adams 1 month ago


  • Rodrigo Mafra 1 month ago

    Awesome Man