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I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, however I don’t live in a warm climate, so I have never grown my own. Until now, where I decided to create my very own, indoor herb garden. Total cost, ! Don’t mind Malee, she loves dirt and got so excited when I was filming the video…so please pardon the frequent cat interruptions. I started the herb garden with two planters I found at Target, costing me .99 each. I then grabbed a bag of river rocks from Ikea for .99. The planters have a small tray where I am going to lay the rocks and create a water table for the plants. The rosemary plant I do have I am going to transport into my herb garden. I cracked the starter pot it came with and transplanted it directly into the new planter, adding water and soil to pack it in. Create a bed for the seed by filling each pot abut half way with starter soil (which is full of great nutrients for seeds), and condense it well by adding water and patting it down. Each seed package comes with tons of teeny, tiny seeds. You only need a few for this small pot, I used a pinch of each. Spread them out evenly around the pot so that they have space to root and grow. Once each seed type has been planted, add another inch of soil and compact again, adding water as you go. Don’t overwater! When this is done, lay out the river rocks in the tray. I think this looks pretty and I love how functional it is too, because it creates ambient moisture for the soil. When watering the plants, add some water to the top and fill the tray about half-way with water, so that the […]

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  • XD Gaming 6 months ago

    Lol the cat

  • Jeanne Garcia 6 months ago

    your cat is so funny! LMAO….Really nice herb garden. I'm going to try too.

  • Roxy Lamour 6 months ago

    Awww cute kitty!

  • gorilla 6 months ago

    But kitty just wanted to help! lol

  • Harrison Hikanae 6 months ago

    The only thing that kept me watching the entire video was the CAT. S/He made the video more interesting 🙂

  • Ramsha Farooqi 6 months ago

    hi melissa, can you do an update video on these plants? how do they look now? how do you take care of them? where did you get the seeds from? and do they case any mess?
    my mom likes to keep plants in our apartment, and i find that the leaves get dusty and there will sometimes even be cobwebs near it…what am i doing wrong?

  • Robert Canton Jr. 6 months ago

    You should plant some catnip!

  • jbgreatbend 6 months ago

    Looks like my cats twin but if i would pick him up like that he would probably bite me since he has no claws…  ohhh and he would stare at the stuff being planted with really crossed eyes.

  • alchemical369 6 months ago

    Haha 2:43 carries the cat away. Instantly back in the next frame lol

  • Sharon Phillips 6 months ago

    My mistake — just saw it — thanks!

  • Sharon Phillips 6 months ago

    It's beautiful, but you're not answering question, where did you get the planter ??

  • Kurt Isbrecht 6 months ago

    Awesome tutorial! I have a "helper" too. A three year old named Maria.

  • Naticris Tellavi 6 months ago

    Where did you find the containers? Perfect for my windows.

  • Naticris Tellavi 6 months ago

    Ha, ha, ha! Your kitty is the same size, color and behaves exactly like my doggy.

  • Jaclyn Rivas 6 months ago

    Hey Melissa, great video! I was wondering, do you also grow vegetables? I have tried and failed in the past to do so. Just wondering if you have any tips on that. Thanks!

  • mrmissfunny 6 months ago

    My window sills are tiny 🙁 so cute tho!

  • Shelly S 6 months ago

    You've motivated me!

  • Matt Swiec 6 months ago

    Great video. Are you able to provide the name of the song that plays throughout?

  • Zara Zen 6 months ago

    I love Malee ;_;

  • Lauren Cudjoe 6 months ago

    Can we have an updated look