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This is a DIY Hydroponics Top Drip Bucket System that I will show you step by step how to build. This System is great for larger plants like hydroponic tomatoes and peppers. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBuild a Hydroponic Drip Irrigation Bucket SystemHow to make a Top Drip Bucket Hydroponic SystemTop Feed Drip Hydroponics SystemHydroponics Easy Self Sustaining – Beginners DIY Tomato Drip System part 5, Jalapeno harvestDIY Drip Hydroponics System “Week 4”Hydroponics Easy Self Sustaining – Beginners DIY Tomato Drip System part 1

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  • samantha bandara 1 year ago

    interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out aquaponics design try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.?

  • Rich Laue 1 year ago

    have you looked into an air lift system for a drop feed. one air pump could power several buckets?

  • Tico Grower 1 year ago

    Roots and water pump in the same container????…just NOT!!!?

  • Marco Franciosi 1 year ago

    It's like DWC + Bato Bucket, GHE sells a similar system with a rubber ring tube as a top dripper, same as yours, but expensive.?

  • IAMGiftbearer 1 year ago

    That's really cool how you made the circular drip system at the top!?

  • seanosomething 1 year ago

    Bro bro bro…. a little overkill on the pump…. you running a power station ? or a single bucket??? I'm confused… you could run three tables off that thing…?

  • Bookoo c 1 year ago

    excellent video. So many of these how -to 's are nothing of the kind. Nice job!?

  • Dave Rupe 1 year ago

    One expensive bucket grow. Skip the PH and Nute battle and drip to buckets from a single res. Drain the waste water once a week or so.?

  • roy dubay 1 year ago

    I would be worried that the pump would burn up prematurely due to so much restriction.Good idea just a little to much pump,I do my drippers with an air pump and with a splitter I can do more than one with just one air pump.?

  • flack youe 1 year ago

    it isn't necessary to run that huge pump. Dwc requires no water pump. I know, ive done it. also I don't like 5 gal dwc because evaporation rates are horrid. also, bucket changes suck dick every week unless you add a pump tube to the side of the bucket to use that 250 gal pump to drain it, then pump fresh nutes in.

  • Kay Tacobell 1 year ago

    This video gave me great ideas on how I would want to do as system.. but the only thing is that maybe you may want to drill the holes into the sides for the drip instead of the top or into the net pots. 🙂 Great job and thank you though.?

  • Sylvia L. Hampton 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrients and supplements that are high-priced.?

  • Lila Alex Inglis 1 year ago

    Where in Toronto can I get all this stuff and for how much.
    And by stuff I mean all of it.


  • Andrew W. 1 year ago

    U make it more difficult than it has to be and ur sub-pump is 250 gph to big?

  • Andrew W. 1 year ago

    U make it more difficult than it has to be and ur sub-pump is 250 gph to big?

  • YouWrasse IsMine (th3master69) 1 year ago

    This just cannot work without major problems?

  • O'Deen Kay 1 year ago

    if you run your drill in reverse it will not cut your lid up?

  • SpockMcoy Issmart 1 year ago

    I'm curious about the back pressure on your pump by reducing the flow.

  • Drew MAn 1 year ago

    awesome vid! I was wondering what kind of pump you use because I am trying to make a garden. I can't find a pump that is small enough and has threadings for the sprinkler head and riser ?

  • Minei Kiefer 1 year ago

    Aloha Robert,
    Great informative video for DWC. I love all your info e-mails as your Youtube videos. Keep them coming and "KEEP IT GREEN".ALOHA, Minei?