DIY Hydroponics Grow Closet Upgrades (DWC) | My First Grow 11

In this video I show how I deal with high humidity by installing a vent through my DIY blackout curtain wall. I also attempt another super crop and I show the progress on the growing buds! I am running these two plants in my DIY DWC Hydroponics setup. This is my first grow so I am certainly doing some things wrong! Let me know if you have any feedback for me.

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Here are the other products I am using (some are affiliate links):

Blackout Curtains:
Staple gun:
Carbon Filter:

Light Panel QB 324 V2 with Slate –
Driver HLG-120H-54B –
NodeMCU Microcontroller –
DHT22 Temp and Humidity Sensor –
ThermoPror –
Inline Duct Fan –
Carbon Filter –
Hanging Retchets –
Mylar –
Nutrients –
Nutrients –

DIY Hydro DWC Res Chiller Parts:
Peltier (TEC1-12709) –
Aluminum Water Block (40mm x 40mm) –
Flexible tubing –
12V Power Supply –
Pump –
CPU Cooling Fan –
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DIY Hydroponics Grow Closet Upgrades (DWC) | My First Grow 11

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  • Sebastian Miller

    Hey man, you're doing so well, Mind those water temps, I messed up my first DWC grow because my water temps weren't very stable and after a shift of just 2 degrees it got root rot. and died

  • VЄ Macrinnon

    Hi #Smart Grow Automation , I really like your vids. When you want to bend the outer stems down to open the crown, you can glue coins onto sprung clothes pegs and clip the pegs so the big hole intended for gripping the clothes line, goes around the stem. This places even stress along the whole stem. I'm not familiar with U.S coinage weights, but in the U.K our 2P weighs 1/4 ounce, and a penny is 1/8th ounce. Doing it this way removes the risk of snapping, and introduucing infection. I hope this helps. Thanks for the vids, long may they continue. Stay safe. Kind regards, Ve

  • Casey Sprague

    Your pressing too hard. Hold with two hands and twist opposite with each hand. You will feel it give, them you bend gradually each day. I use trellis and pipe cleaners. Also you need to put your humidifier or dehumidifier on a timer each day to lower the humidity. And your using live microbes, amino acids, fungi etc. via your nutrients! That’s why you shake it well before you use it.

  • Kayla Naylor

    Bro don’t take clones from a flowering plant your literally stressing the plant out and low stress training Is during veg not flower that’s why you won’t produce anything off of it I feel bad for that plant

  • Rusty Gagne

    Yo heres an idea, double layer thick cardboard, cover with reflective material. My box is 1 inch by 1 inch wood slats. Thats frame. Covered in 2 layers quarter inch cardboard. Covered in mylar fronted bubble insulation. Cardboard keeps my box from getting humid at all. Also need an air intake and exhaust

  • Darren Bullimore

    Mate 10 out ov 10 for effort but youd do better investing in a tent spending cash that can be saved also not having a dig but do bit of homework making so many mistakes that can easily be turned around and by look of them leaves they look sativa dominant so maybe look above 8 weeks bit longer may fill out like sativas do youre getting there man takes time we all go through it never ending learning curve good luck