DIY hydroponic indoor garden

I show you how to build a hydroponic indoor garden.

You will need:
A drill with a holesaw (You can buy that at a construction market)
A light (GTK grow/bloom light – Amazon or special grow store)
A box with lid (IKEA)
5 net pots (garden center)
100 grams or about 3 ounces Expanded clay pellets (garden center)
fertilizer and water (garden center)
plant seeds (garden center)

How you do it:
1. Drill holes in the lid (make sure to leave enough space between the holes)
2. Pour water in the box and fertilize
3. Pour pellets into net pots
4. Put net pots in the holes
5. Put plant sprouts into net pots
6. Place light
7. Wait and watch your plants grow!
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DIY hydroponic indoor garden

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