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A quick video showing how I made my hydroponic garden tower. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsModular Hydroponic Tower Garden – TestingUnder $100 Outdoor DIY hydroponic tower gardenDiy hydroponic garden tower part 4DIY Hydroponic garden tower part 5Basement Hydroponic Tower Garden Version 2.0: 3 Year UpdateBasement Hydroponic Tower Garden Version 2.0: 3 Year Update

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  • jakvisuals 4 years ago

    could you show how you do the top cap and make the rainshower?

  • Mike Walker 4 years ago

    Victor Csakany
    this video will help you.

  • Thomas Paxton 4 years ago

    begging for salt buildup?

  • Casey Scalf 4 years ago

    @7:30 Great tip on the longer reach. Always tempted to 3D print these puppies but your method is cheap and also yield more exposure to the solution.?

  • Adama Tova 4 years ago

    Sure would like to see a video on how you CUT those holes and pieces.?

  • Kay John 4 years ago

    great video…. How much did each thing cost, pipes, pvc fence post, cement. What did it cost overall??

  • Purple Capybara 4 years ago

    Whats your thought on using a solar pond pump like this? WIth the tubing attached to where the pond fountain attachment would be? Electrical supply is an issue for me, as the only outlet is in a very shaded spot. I live in Hawaii so sunlight isn't an issue here!

  • Padmakar Shetty 4 years ago

    hi mike thanks for spending time to make this video, I am currently trying to make the standoffs, wanted to know how did you hold the 51/2 inch pipe on the compound saw it you hold by hand or clamped it and which blade you used to cut the pvc on compound saw or chop saw, possible for your to make the video on that how to cut the standoff on the chop saw please please please?

  • Ryan Vincent 4 years ago

    Mike, really appreciate your vidoes. Watched most of them several times!! Few questions. Why is it that most pictures I see of these towers are just lettuce or strawberries? Any guidance on what to plant and what not to? Maybe a top ten successful crops for this method? Planning on building one of these soon! Thanks!!?

  • marz a 4 years ago

    how did you cut your holes??

  • Kathrine Zahm 4 years ago

    So cool! I want to build this for my classroom since we cover plants:) Last year I made a green house but have always wanted to tackle some sort of hydroponics system. Thanks for sharing!?

  • Gavin Lee 4 years ago


  • lastdollarfilms 4 years ago

    91% Alcohol will take the writing off with a few wipes.?

  • David Crawford 4 years ago

    Great rework you did of the rain tower. I will be building my first one this weekend and will be using your ideas! They are totally awesome!?

  • cerignola12 4 years ago

    I'm making one of these, or something like it, right now. Is the PVC vinyl cement food safe? I bought some Loctite plastic bonder. It says not for prolonged immersion in water and not for use in potable water systems. I've been searching for a food-safe epoxy or plastic cement. So far no luck. Your thoughts??

  • Teri Severson 4 years ago


  • Mac Townsend 4 years ago

    Hi Mike, I would like to have several, many towers in my backyard.