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Found a similar one on Youtube a little while back and thought I’d give it a try w my own personal specifications. I saw aeroponics used in the SeeMoreBuds DVD and they went nuts with it [300 plants in a 4’x6′ room INSANE] My version is a scaled down, LEGAL, alternative that costs under 0 dollars to make, and once its done you can use it for the rest of your life. Also you can manipulate the net pot layout by changing the size and quantity of how many you want (All you gotta do is buy a new container lid!!! WOOO!) The biggest challenge I had with this was space. I first wanted to put the plant containers ontop of the res. but then I realized it would be way to close to the lights, especially when they got bigger and the 7′ room would not accommodate that. For my grow I will be using a 120w Triband LED from After doing research I realized this is not enough light so I will hopefully be investing in their 240w 7-band LED to add to the 120w. I did this ENTIRE project with a drill + 3/8in. bit, a sharpie, tape measure and kitchen knives haha So its definitely a DIY project *If anyone is interested in making one I could make another vid ~Song: Ooklah the Moc – Herbal Meditation. send some smoke signals to me Video Rating: / 5 I built this system to try out aeroponics and could test if I get my tomato, peppers and roses to root faster then in soil/coco. The entire system was easy to build and surprisingly cheap. I’m happy with how everything turned out and will be filling it with cuttings tomorrow ( Will post video soon!) The Necessities Tote […]

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  • Mr.Bitch / StuckedYouBitch 1 year ago

    Link to the video you saw it from?

  • Jonathan Handel 1 year ago

    go to hell

  • rcacad 1 year ago

    I can speak from expirence. Those rubbermaid tubs leak like a son of a gun. I have build several aeroponic boxes and not a single plastic snap on lid tote has been sealed properly. Eventually they all just drip drip drip out of the box every where.

  • john200871 1 year ago

    You have a leak good sir

  • spancer87 1 year ago

    Seems halfway done. who wants to leak out their nutrients like that??

  • Lorenzo Jiminez 1 year ago

    +championSOUNDmaui Great video! I'm leaning towards this type of feeding once I can start. Nice work and motivation! ✌& #420! 

  • Jeremaaaay 1 year ago

    You should try fogponics bro.

  • cawkazn 1 year ago

    once this is good to go, do you keep the misters on all day or cycle them? if you cycle them how often?

  • Felix Cruz 1 year ago

    who sings this song????

  • GrowGreenBox 1 year ago

    Good example. Thanks for sharing.

  • championSOUNDmaui 1 year ago

    Yea I just decided to put this idea on hold. I just had some time on my hands last summer and threw this together. Right now im having a blast growing in coco. Almost harvest time!!! its on my other account rastapasta64

  • frrrran 1 year ago

    You can do this on a single container. You can put this indoor, you just have to take care of the leaks

  • Rabea ally 1 year ago

    all is good, but you can't put this thing indoor , it will leak a lot man, i had the same problem was so annoyed i tried silicon many times , but never worked, the solution was , i raised the pipes to almost top and let them spry at 90 degree angle horizontally, cheers good work

  • Jon N 1 year ago

    your gonna have mad leaks from around the top from were the lid meets the tub.

  • Michael Evans 1 year ago

    Do you have problems with it leaking? If so how did you fix it? or did your pump just give off a soft mist instead of a harder stream? What size pump are you using?

  • Camelia Loudermilk 1 year ago

    If you want to make it too just use InpliX handbooks.

  • elvis manhattan 1 year ago

    can you build one for me and i give you 100$? 🙂 you can make business with this

  • supadupaman86 1 year ago

    That’s funny I build the exact same thing and never saw this video until today.

  • Pricilla Christoper 1 year ago

    I think that is nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google INPLIX and learn how to do it easily.

  • PapaRoot 1 year ago

    What are you doing when it over heats?

  • BlightMamba 1 year ago

    this design is amazing EXCEPT it leaks

  • Bernadette Husch 1 year ago

    Go to Inplix if you'd like to build it yourself.

  • George Lewis 1 year ago

    how will it work better bro come on man
    full of s#$%#@#$

  • Fafnir Icingdeath 1 year ago

    hate when posters list something as diy but the video is really just showing something off. explain your process please.

  • Ryan Patterson 1 year ago

    was it 12 inch pvc that was used?

  • david bennett 1 year ago

    please help me find the correct timer online. I cant find the 1 min interval timer anywhere

  • TimNight 1 year ago

    this is pretty fuckin awesome man!

  • Ken Biggs 1 year ago

    I just bought the equipment and parts to make this setup and it works like a champ. I do notice that the PVC manifold wants to tip to one side (once placed on the pump). Has this happened to you and do you have any suggestions?

  • Adonis Echo 1 year ago

    How successfull has/had this project been now that you're a year out.?

  • William “Ridgepole” Warren 1 year ago

    I've built a few but not with this container.  My biggest problem has been the lid leaking, pain in the ass.  How is this one? If you used a rubber seal from what and where did you get the material?  Nice looking job.  bhw the best light for cloning is a T5, and for rooting clones no need to have it close 24; to 36' works fine.  However once roots are well established and you transplant from the clone machine the T5 should be about 10' above the top of the plant.  I have been doing it for years and works awesome.

  • seanosomething 1 year ago

    BEST TOTE EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Laubach 1 year ago

    love your design.  I'm definitely doing this one.

  • 112285art 1 year ago

    Congrats on this awesome build! I'm building something similar, what size water pump are u using and what's your water pressure look like?

  • danica stewart 1 year ago

    I'd love to find an alternative to the neoprene inserts. We got a turboklone 144 and I don't have the desire to buy the inserts for a buck a piece…nor .50 cents a piece. We got a great deal on the cloner, but have plans to make more vertical systems for our operation. Have you ever found any alternatives? I was thinking of taking a hole saw to a yoga mat or thermarest