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  • Charles Cochran 5 days ago

    Todd, is your pump able to support both of your Aeroponics systems, or do you require two different pump setups?

  • Walter Moll 5 days ago

    A must read for every gardener and every self-supporting DIY'er out there [Check Details Here  ===> ]. This gives you a really good base of knowledge to work from on your own project in Aquaponic gardening.

  • Cory Pirani 5 days ago

    Thanks! Could you do a video of how you cut the insulation around the pvc? I'm sure it's time consuming but I'm having difficulty visualizing the process.

  • Cory Pirani 5 days ago

    I was wondering if you could grow tomatoes to maturity in this system alone? Do you have plans I could buy for this? I'm moderately handy but no way I'm just eyeballing something like this. Let me know and thanks for the great vid!

  • ExtractionArtists 5 days ago

    Love your HPA system. How did you solve your clogging problem and where did you purchase your misters? You mention they atomize the water. According to the NASA HPA page, the best droplet size is 50 micron. Does your misters create 50 micron droplets? Thanks