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If you are like me and you are running out of space for your plants, it’s time to get creative and mount your house plants. Put them in hanging wall planters! And who doesn’t like cheap DIY projects to make your home decor more creative and fill your place with some nature. These are so beautiful and organic looking. A lot of houseplants love trailing down from a nice planter, placed in organic matter. These are great for pothos, monstera, a string of hearts and other trailing plants. You can follow me on all my social media: Tweets by ElisVi SnapChat: ElisCole #houseplants #planters #howto Related PostsRope Knots For Hanging Pots Rope Garden planters hangers Ideas_how to hang House PlantsHanging Plants Pottery wall mounted plantershow to make wall mount planters/ hanging wall planter/ planter ideasBest Wall Hanging Planter & Gate Decoration Planter | shelf decorative Planters Ideas//GREEN PLANTSWall Hanging Planters nine Best Indoor Hanging Plants – Let’s Go GreenHanging Plants House Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor Plan

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