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In this Episode of HomeMade Modern, Ben Uyeda shows how to make a hanging herb garden. Follow us on Instagram to see what we’re working on next! Ben: Jessie: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Concrete Planter,, Episode 16, HomeMade ModernHanging Bottle Wall Garden Part 210 DIY Hanging Basket Vertical GardenDIY Verticle Hanging Bottle Tower Garden (New)2016Hanging Geometric Planters for Air PlantsFaux Succulent Wall Hanging #craftsunder10hoa


Vertical Gardens



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  • TheLeatherChannel 1 year ago

    The trouble with all those cute looking herb gardens is that herbs grow huge. Assuming they will stay alive long enough, they will have to be repotted in about a month.

  • xoAmEricaxo 1 year ago

    Awesome video! Could you make a floating shelf with hidden storage??

  • Fadhli Jaffar 1 year ago

    If you intend on using knots, tie them loosely so that you can adjust before tightening. Rule of thumb is to leave 1 inch(pending rope diameter) of space for each knot.

    Alternatively, with additional rope length, make alpine knots and secure the boards with a key ring or small caribiner.

  • infinitesadie 1 year ago

    love this channel so much!!!!

  • Melissa Acosta Rendón 1 year ago

    This is so amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  • Mark Slinger 1 year ago

    Just gave me a weekend project, thanks mate.
    Great vids, keep em coming.

  • Nadia Ch. 1 year ago

    And you could use the wood circles to make coasters !!! I love your videos so much !!!

  • Mickey Swiffen 1 year ago

    On the first project what do you use as the backing board??

    And on the second project what size pots do you use???

  • SOPHIA EVANGEL Cheahbaby 1 year ago

    You totally inspired my whole family and boys to try making things like you. May I know what are the tools needed to start. .what are they known as?

  • Fershop Ferramenta online 1 year ago
  • Fershop Ferramenta online 1 year ago

    Non so se si può considerare un progetto di giardinaggio ma è sicuramente un bel progetto! Non trovate?!

  • TheSwoleBroscientist 1 year ago

    And where does the water drip? On the ground?

  • Anchaleeporn Mk 1 year ago
  • linday2009 1 year ago

    I love your work.

  • sachin kadam 1 year ago

    Too Good…  great idea….

  • Missy Rabbit 1 year ago

    the video editing and music put a nice touch on everything.  Please keep posting more diy videos.

  • hawlan Salim 1 year ago
  • Cam Graeber 1 year ago

    Thinking of adding some fresh herbs to our garden, may have a new project for the Hunny!

  • DrePower1996 1 year ago

    Can you do a hanging loft bed