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Make this cute ceiling planter to liven up any room! Materials: drill & 3/16″ drill bit- walmart and or home depot hammer wood glue- walmart macrame chord- Jo-Ann’s ring & hook screw- Jo-Ann’s masking tape- walmart nails- walmart 1/2″ sqaure wooden dowel- Jo-Ann’s xacto knife with serated blade Related PostsUpcycled Cereal Box Hanging Planter DecorDIY Vinyl Fence Post Hanging Planter BoxesDIY Hanging Planter for $30Easy Hanging Planter DIY | MVDWall Hanging Planters 60+ DIY Planter Ideas – Recycled Home DecorDIY: Hanging Macrame Planter ∞ Trash to Fab w/ AnneorShine

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  • Lisa Wagoner 1 year ago

    where can you find the ring & hook screw? I looked at Michaels and they didn't have any there

  • laronda Bullock 1 year ago

    that's too much work!

  • Jessi N 1 year ago

    I like this tutorial I think its the best plant hanger out of all of them

  • Emmaline 1 year ago

    You spelled cord wrong

  • hee Beard 1 year ago

    완죤 조아더욱 예쁜 거 많이 보여주세요

  • Sunny Tockgo 1 year ago

    ^_^ great job~ nice video!!

  • steveyk 1 year ago

    Hello from Hong Kong. Was waiting for somebody show me how do this thing. Very good and education

  • Caroline Lee 1 year ago

    this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!