There are people so passionate about DIY that the gazebo wants to build it themselves. Perhaps it is also true that to build a gazebo, it takes time that you do not always have available and it is also true that on balance, the gazebo should be purchased because the amount that you go to spend to build it yourself is the same as that of us. he wants to buy it but… it would not be the same. Fans of the art of DIY, most of the time, love to prepare objects by themselves not to save money but for the simple pleasure of making something with their own hands but above all born from their inspiration and their inventiveness. However, the gazebo is an excellent additional component of the garden that not only furnishes but also gives the opportunity to those who own it, to spend pleasant evenings with friends enjoying the cool evening air and savoring specialties cooked on the grill. In short, if you also have a garden, albeit a small one, you can try your hand at build a gazebo with the art of DIY.

do it yourself gazebo

DIY gazebo instructionsWe have seen that the gazebo helps to furnish any garden and becomes a nice and pleasant piece of furniture that brings friends together and allows them to spend pleasant evenings in company, playing cards, talking or enjoying food cooked on the grill on a barbecue too. it piece of furniture for the garden. The gazebo can be of three shapes, circular, rectangular and square. Its size essentially depends on the size of the green area in which it will be set up. Obviously, before creating it, you must necessarily evaluate well the measures of the structure that you are going to make because even a small measurement mistake could cause it to touch under a balcony or end up right on the branches of a tree. Of course, if your garden is really big, these problems don’t exist at all. Usually the gazebo, whether circular, square or rectangular, has a solid wooden structure even if it is made with metal structures. The gazebo which, however, is always the most beautiful and the most requested, is the one made entirely of wood which is usually fir, beech or chestnut. Without detracting from the very romantic metal gazebo, the wooden one is always the most used, the most built by enthusiasts because it gives a sense of warmth, a sense of familiarity. It is also destined to last over time although, it must be said, it needs at least annual maintenance if you want to keep it in optimal condition. After deciding where to place the gazebo, you need to think about how to anchor it to the ground. Check the ground where you are going to place it and see if it is soft. In that case, get some sturdy enough posts like the ones you use to pitch a camping tent. Of course, the uprights must be as long as the part to be buried. Keep in mind that, if the ground is concrete and it is a courtyard but not a garden with soil, the structure cannot be anchored without first asking the municipality for authorization. You will anchor the poles, with a pour of concrete.

do it yourself gazebo First of all, get yourself a polycarbonate sheet of the size in which you have decided to create your gazebo. The latter is usually 2.60 centimeters high regardless of the shape you want to give it. Assure it a sloping position to allow the drainage of rainwater. The walls of the gazebo will always be closed with polycarbonate sheets, starting from 50 centimeters to 150 centimeters from the ground, as you prefer. The polycarbonate sheets, in this case, will be transparent and in the color you want. It is necessary to put them on, for any gusts of wind and air currents coming from the outside. At a building materials store, purchase cement mortar and round head bolts to secure the beams. As tools, you will use measuring wheels, trowel, spades, mason’s buckets, professional drill, saw, hammer, wrench and iron ladder.

How to build the gazebo Begin to delimit the gazebo, with the measuring wheel. Prepare four holes about 50 centimeters deep to fix the structure. Help yourself with a pickaxe if the ground is particularly hard and put a layer of gravel in the holes. In the mason’s bucket, mix the mortar (there is also the pre-mixed one). Place the four poles that will support the structure in the holes. Use a spirit level to see if all four are perfectly straight. With wooden pegs, fix them better to the ground. Cast the cement mortar and wait for 36 hours, until the poles are completely fixed in the ground. Attach to the ends of the poles, the beams that will serve as support for the roof. The beams must be fixed with the round head bolts, after having made the holes in the beams. The latter should be fixed at a distance of about 80 centimeters from each other. Still with the usual bolts, fasten the polycarbonate panels to the beams. Finally, assemble the polycarbonate side panels. The gazebo is ready for use.

Once your gazebo is ready, you just have to furnish it. This only happens with your taste. You can opt for wicker armchairs with white cushions and a table of the same material. Instead, you can buy a resin table with four more chairs. Finally, you can put chairs and a very romantic wrought iron table in the gazebo. Of course, the larger the gazebo, the more you can furnish it with other elements. You can even let into the gazebo, an outdoor kitchen complete with sink and cabinet for pots. The modern garden kitchens are extremely functional and allow you to have at your disposal, not only the hob but also a very comfortable countertop where you can put the dishes, the pots, the lids and all the accessories you need for cooking. This can happen after a plumber has connected the sink to the water system. The kitchen can be powered with a gas cylinder or through the natural gas of the house through the intervention of the supply company which will connect you to the user through a special pipe. You can also put a chandelier and then have the electric current through wires that an electrician will connect to the electrical system.

You can finally spend some very pleasant evenings with friends and feel gratified for the work you have just completed.

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