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Learn how to build your own garden edge with Adbri Masonry’s Miniwall edging block. Jason Hodges will show you how simple the project is and how much of a difference it will make to your garden or backyard. One of the easiest things you can do at home to make your gardening and mowing the lawn easy, is putting in a really good garden edge. Now, this here is called miniwall. These guys here with no lobes on the top, are mincaps and together they can really define a space for you. The best thing about them about the miniwall is because of the way they’re designed have a wide front and a narrow back but they have the same face. So, if you put them next to each other butt up, you can get nice straight lines but if you flip them around you can start to create curves. What I’ve got here is a couple of stakes that I can run a string line. Just measure off your fence, get the distance the same at both ends and it’s parallel. And then, I like to use a nice bright string line so that you don’t end up tripping over it. When I set the string line, I’m going to pull it nice and tight, I could mark it out with paint if I wanted to or if I keep it up a little bit higher I can dig underneath it and not worry about cutting through this. And being 800ml I’ve allowed about 200ml for my block and 600ml for the garden bed and that’s plenty of garden bed for a hedge that we want to get to say, two or three metres high. Now, I’m just working on the footing. The good rule of thumb is […]

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  • Lawrence F 9 months ago

    Are these legos for adults?

  • pinky1900's 9 months ago

    I have to worry about the frost layer. Midwest USA gets pretty damn cold and frozen. Like for my old porch I went down 36 inches for the posts and could not use the floating base blocks. Come winter the porch would bow and crack if I did. I am jealous of those who don’t worry about winter and sub-zero temps with their outside projects. 4 months out of the year we get nice weather.

  • chad walker 9 months ago

    What is the ratio of sand to cement that works best for the base layer?

  • Itkahs ramaL 9 months ago


  • Stephanie BAKSH 9 months ago

    What are called the grey brick that you use ?

  • CLS550 9 months ago

    please explain what is supposed to go against the fence so that dirt doesn't just flow out. nobody ever says that part. thanks

  • Jalynne Fuentes 9 months ago

    What is the white lining that you placed against the wood fence? And what are those metal looking bars that are holding the lining against the fence?

  • hellcat1988 9 months ago

    I didn't see any moisture barrier between the fencing and the soil. Won't that rot it out more quickly?