DIY Garden Path Ideas and Build (+ Why I Started Epic Gardening)

As fall slowly makes its way to San Diego (Zone 10b), I find myself in a gardening lull, making some improvements to the front yard rather than actively cultivating the plot right now. The end of summer always leaves me a little drained in the garden, and I like to take some time, reset, and prepare for round two of San Diego gardening.

That means replacing the brick pathway in my garden, which had become a tripping hazard! I chose a simple paver-style layout that makes it easier, safer, and hopefully a LITTLE more beautiful in the front yard, though I’m no landscaping expert.

At the end of the video, I go into some of my thoughts about career paths and talk a little about how Epic Gardening started. I find it so valuable to go your OWN WAY in this world and consider paths that you might otherwise have not thought of as viable options.

Today’s video is sponsored by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, who have an incredible careers page for the vast array of opportunities in the field of working with and around plants.

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This video is sponsored by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.
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DIY Garden Path Ideas and Build (+ Why I Started Epic Gardening)

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  • peter bochek

    Hello Kevin, I am a new subscriber to your channel . I enjoy your passion for house plants and gardening in general. Just a side note, I am also an amateur archeologist and I couldn't help but notice the old bricks you were removing from your pathway appear to be hand made and on the crude side, a sign of very old bricks ! I am from Western Pennsylvania where the temperature is a balmy 45 degrees :((( Thank you for your informative videos !

  • Little Miss Wanna Be Homesteader

    I think you did great Kevin! It really cleaned the appearance of your garden up! You definitely aren't lazy! Always enjoy your videos!

  • delsurf71

    I found your channel from when GRG visited you so I have not been watching long. I scanned your video titles and didn’t see an answer to my question. Do you have anything about your corrugated beds? I really like the look of them and would like to replace my wooden beds when it is time or add some new. I will keep watching. Thanks.

  • Sasquatch10

    Uneven ground can be dangerous, when i was a youngling i tripped on some uneven slabs and landed on my nose. To this day its the most i've ever bled.

  • Towelie

    Would be rad to see more videos with Nature's Always Right. Just found out about both of your channels via John Kohler. Loving what both of you are doing. I live in the inland empire and I'm working on transitioning my backyard from weeds to food. So, what you guys are doing is so helpful. I'm new to this. But, the best request for videos I've got is just to continue sharing what you've determined to be the most helpful gems you've picked up along the way. Makes the road so much easier for people like me just starting out. Great videos. Thanks man.

  • Jays 886

    Great video. Yes the NALP is the first organization to help legitimize the industry for sure. Nice shout out. Is it possible for a hydroponic hands free set and forget set up? The idea intrigued me but the nutrient burden questions me- thanks

  • carol parrish

    I really like the look of your new pathway. We used the same stones as a pathway and found that over time they moved on us. I don't know if it was because we didn't put them down properly or not. So every once in a while we go back and redo some of them. Maybe you won't have a problem. So good luck.

  • Pseudo Nym

    Another idea… grow sweetcorn. Grow stuff up the sweetcorn and nitrogen fixing plant… it's called the 3 sisters like the native Indians did. A symbiotic plant life.

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