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Succulents are all the rage and now you can make your own faux ones with cute little planters with a little help from Chalky Finish paint! Related PostsFaux Succulent Wall Hanging #craftsunder10hoaDIY Faux Succulent Wall PlanterNEW!DIY DOLLAR TREE Spring Faux Succulent Wall ArtFaux Succulent Vertical Hanging Wall GardenCustomizing Faux Rock Wall Panels with Potrocks and Rock PlantersDIY FAUX PLANT WALL ART


Vertical Gardens



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  • kitty msp 1 year ago

    love these, my favorite color is primitive

  • Susan Theus 1 year ago

    Love this idea!

  • denice metz 1 year ago

    I love red and black and any other color

  • Emily Populis 1 year ago

    Hey Mark. I really liked this project. You faux succulents are cool and probably the only way I could keep one alive, lol. My favorite colors of the chalky finish paint are Serene and Rememberance. I hope I win. :-)

  • Beth Williams 1 year ago

    This is brilliant and easy to do. Will make great gifts for teachers.Love the Refreshing color-I'd add some gold metallics dots to my pot. Thank you for this one-I love it.

  • Carol Findon 1 year ago

    Such a clever idea … love all the chalk paints but the pastels are best – pale turquoise and teal I think!

  • PinkVelvet Bird 1 year ago

    Oh, the teals! They make me swoon!

  • Marta Pelusas 1 year ago

    Omg! This is lovely. I will go for the pale turquoise!

  • D Martin 1 year ago

    You can have my succelence    that suck and uncolorful   unlike yours, Mark!!!

  • Cheri Gee 1 year ago

    Because I live in New Mexico, I don't need to make paper succulents. But I'm sure there will be the perfect project for these products in the near future. My favorite color is the coral. I'll keep watching you.

  • sgsbluemoon 1 year ago

    I love all the blues and turquoise chalk paints!!!!

  • Dee Pruitt 1 year ago

    Ohhh..  great idea about making leaves! Thank you!

  • Tiffany Morales 1 year ago

    Chaulktastic!!! ❤️

  • nemesis helton 1 year ago

    Love these colors, purple and teal, or maybe lime green… I gotta get some, I needed some inspiration, and now I've got it…. Great ideas, love it Mark….

  • Karen Hill 1 year ago

    My favorite color is timeless. I can go with so many things

  • Joni Debacco 1 year ago

    I have used many of these colors, lace was one of my favorites, I did a table and 4 chairs and a hutch with it. Great paint great price!

  • Joni Debacco 1 year ago

    I love Americana decor chalk paint and the videos are awesome!

  • Tmg Dart 1 year ago

    Finally – a plant I can't kill 🙂 Way to go Mark. Love the Chalky Finish paints!

  • Pamela Jones 1 year ago

    Love the Red, White and Blue,, but then again all the funky neon colors rock too!!! Love your crafts!!!!