In this video I go over how I set up my recirculating DWC (RDWC) hydroponics setup. Make sure to watch through the end because I go through a few changes along the way.

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Here are the other products I am using (some are affiliate links):

Blackout Curtains:
Staple gun:
Carbon Filter:
NodeMCU Microcontroller –
DHT22 Temp and Humidity Sensor –
ThermoPror –
Inline Duct Fan –
Carbon Filter –
Hanging Retchets –
Mylar –
Nutrients –
Nutrients –

DIY Hydro DWC Res Chiller Parts:
Peltier (TEC1-12709) –
Aluminum Water Block (40mm x 40mm) –
Flexible tubing –
12V Power Supply –
Pump –
CPU Cooling Fan –
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DIY DWC Hydroponics Setup Walkthrough (Recirculating – RDWC)

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  • minzahhh1

    Not using that seal front and back is a huge risk too take.. Come home to a flooded grow space will change your mind

  • jeremy g

    Bulkhead backwards. Nut goes Inside. Watch current culture h20 assembly video for bulkhead example the right way if u dont want leaks or not. If u wanna bad ass system YouTube heisenbeans genetics diy rdwc videos step by step. I did mine 27 gallon totes with 2 inch pipe

  • Rune Andersen

    That`s a nice setup for a closet!…My tip for you would be thinking about going for Uniseals for the connections between the pots/buckets, not Bulkheads.
    Uniseals are much better, they really keep it tight so no leakage, besides they are very much cheaper than Bulkheads and last your life out.
    Bulkheads are really made for smooth surfaces, not rounded, so if used it should at least be square pots…but Uniseals work 100% no matter what kind of pots you got.
    (And good going changing those tiny pex tubes for a 1" solution…1" is really minimum for such a setup because you can expect explosive growth and massive roots…those roots can easily clog those tiny tubes and all the water end up on your floor)

  • Bruce097

    It’s a good setup, making it watertight a hassle. I’ve seen a coloured resin type glue for joining the pvc pipes. I think you may have applied that, but once it’s done will be well worth the effort. It’s a cool hobby. I like your attention to automating the whole system, taking time at the beginning.

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