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This video is how to put together a simple deep water culture hydroponic garden system with a little help from the MINI LATHE. (MUCH) More information below! Please like and subscribe if this was helpful! Stuff from this video: Bucket: Netpots: Water Pump: Tube Tees: Drip/Air Tube: Rockwool: Check Valves: Air Pump: Air Stones: Clay Pebbles: Nutrients: PH Control: 5ml Syringe: LED Light: Spinach Seeds: Green Loctite: Lathe: Stuff on the lathe: Quick Change Tool Holder: Tailstock Drill Chuck: Lathe tools: Boring Bar: Carbide Tools: Parting Tool: Center Bits: Drill Bits: Other stuff: Cutting oil: Mini Lathe troubleshooting guide: Controller board wiring configuration: The real version of the motor controller: Datasheet for the KBIC-120: Super nice guy who repairs the controller boards: Music: Video Rating: / 5 I’m serious about the plastic fumes, they are highly toxic, make sure the area is well ventilated and wear a mask! Once the silicone dries i’ll do an update video with how much liquid is dispensed, and translate that into an appropriate ratio of water and ferts. Good for any small DIY hydroponics and planted aquarium set ups! Thanks to Majstor76 for the idea! Do you own an aquarium? Would you like to help support this channel? Subscribe to My Aquarium Box to get the world’s first subscription box for aquarium hobbyists delivered to your door once per month: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build A (DWC) Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Setup ( Easy and Cheap )Cheap Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode Something7PACK Recirculating DWC Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Grow System (High Aeroponics Harvests!)Hydroponics […]

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  • rol eic 1 year ago

    Have you checked out aquaponics using water from the fish tanks to fertilize the hydroponic plants and feeding some of the plants to the fish and the excess veggies and some of the fish are for you.

  • Oscar Luna 1 year ago

    Great, but you wanna mix flora micro first, mix up well then add grow and bloom. Also, rinse your syringe, and ideally, don't cross contaminate your solutions. This can cause an unwanted chemical reaction to occur. I'd love to see a followup video in a couple of days.

  • Samuel Williams 1 year ago

    hell yeah man, I just started a Kratky hydroponic system about a month ago. Tomatoes, basil, mint, lettuce, and spinach. Keep up the cool projects.

  • Neil Redelinghuys 1 year ago

    Nice! I like your attention to detail. I am inspired to do hydroponics at my fishpond now!!

  • nicktohzyu 1 year ago

    you could just lift the pump above the container, that way the water will never siphon out

  • John Polchlopek 1 year ago

    Hey Tim, don't worry about incorporating the lathe into every video. You're a well rounded dude, and encouraging others (us, your YouTube subscribers) to be more well rounded too is a good thing. Keep posting videos about things you love and I, for one, will keep watching them.

  • DOSn3rd 1 year ago

    It is probably a 6L container. Six liters converts to just a tad more than 1,5 US Gallons

  • JBFromOZ 1 year ago

    Great to see more sustainability on YouTube, I am passionate about Permaculture and have shared some videos on my channel about it, they don't get much interest yet though

  • George Chambers 1 year ago

    Well, this certainly different! Nicely thought out and constructed. I'll be interested in seeing if it works.

  • Arend Wolbers 1 year ago

    Measurement says all, empty the container and put six times the fill of the white container, mark the height from the milk in the 1 gallon container, you will see there is room to spare after 6 times the white container.

  • FiddyB 1 year ago

    Hi Tim, we have those small compost bins in the UK. They are supplied to all homes by the govt. They are used in the home to collect the scraps but you then empty them into a larger compost bin or have it collected during the weekly recycling pickup.

    Also glad to see that you are making content you want to show us rather than worrying about what we want to watch.

  • Petor 1 year ago

    Thumbs up !

  • batner 1 year ago

    more about hydroponics please.

  • Nick Demello 1 year ago

    Well, It was a month ago that I am seeking on how to start Hydroponics for I got motivated on how this kind of gardening can help a self-sustaining ecosystem on a home scale [Check Details Here ===>]. At its most basic, Aquaponics is something more than a plant grown in symbiosis with fish or other aquatic creatures. It was properly discussed on what Aquaponics is for a beginner like me

  • Eddie buchanan 1 year ago

    that fucking sucked and you sir ruined my high

  • rocky bullwinkle 1 year ago

    Video quality sucks. Too bad really wanted to try this

  • killahbeatzz 1 year ago

    If your building this you want a freshmatic without motion sensor

  • itssugarfree 1 year ago

    so clever!

  • SnapeMaster 1 year ago

    quite enjoyable , suscribed 

  • Buddy Sheroka 1 year ago

    That was pretty cool man

  • MinecraftSwag 798 1 year ago

    The "older version"looks just like my lysol freshmatic!except there's one battery on each side instead of 2 on one side lol!^©^

  • MinecraftSwag 798 1 year ago

    Oh no!poor airfreshener!that is my favorite one and I have a lysol automatic,a glade freshmatic and a airwick mini compact):!

  • Kevin H 1 year ago

    I'm new to hydroponics and to microcontrollers, but will be interested in controlling the pump via an Arduino, but was curious what the time interval was for the pump by itself? Never had a freshmatic b4. Btw nice idea! Very Macgyver of you! Especially seeing how expensive timed dosers can be!

  • Bort Plate 1 year ago

    Nice video. One thing: dykes would probably have taken that plastic off without…you know…melting it into the air and all.

  • Greg Jones 1 year ago

    it leaked a little, probably could have been solved by using a zip tie to tighten the hose to the plastic, i've got a perastaltic pump version coming soon, stay tuned!

  • LEOPAZZO TV 1 year ago

    How is the doser working for you

  • António Valério 1 year ago

    Nice work!
    Love the way you swap the soap from one bottle to another one exactly the same ^^

    Thank you very much for sharing this, it has helped me a lot!

  • Siskin's Bits and Bobs 1 year ago

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Knut Heider 1 year ago

    Very nice. Good idea