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Bring some of the beach home with you by making an easy driftwood wall garden. A simple weekend project to make any space a bit more relaxing. For photographs and more: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHouse Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor Plants RomanceDIY Garden wall Video – Miniwall® garden how to videoHanging Bottle Wall Garden Part 2BUCO DIY Hydroponic Wall GardenLeah Ashley’s DIY Herb Wall Garden

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  • Shellbug-Michelle Greene 1 year ago

    42yrs old…I have a crazy amount of house plants…. AND I'VE NEVER HEARD OF AIR PLANTS…WHAT!!!

  • Gorilla Gains 1 year ago

    Man you are beautiful and smart too!! Love your style as well.

  • Jennifer Sanchez 1 year ago

    Súper cool

  • sharlicious123 1 year ago

    great idea!

  • AdrianforSure 1 year ago

    I love natural looking decor like this, would love to see more like this.

  • Meg Allan Cole Crafts 1 year ago

    So glad you do, darling'! xo, Meg

  • Earendil2501 1 year ago

    love it! 🙂

  • DesignModern 1 year ago

    Gracie FTW!

  • RiceCaque 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh this is sooooo cool!!! My bf and I are looking for a new house. This is definitely going to be in the house!

  • Julia Sentman 1 year ago

    this is a great idea! i will run to or botanical garden tomorrow to pick up some tillandsia airplants – they have them for free! thanks so much for this inspiration. :))

  • Asta .J 1 year ago

    What about milo shoeshine? Wasn't he there?

  • Meg Allan Cole Crafts 1 year ago

    Aren't they adorable little plants? I love them too.

  • Meg Allan Cole Crafts 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh ME TOO! Those are my fav comments:) xo, Meg

  • juliet boyd 1 year ago


  • ThreadBanger 1 year ago

    Love those little air plant cuties!

  • Victoria Wells 1 year ago

    Air plants? I've got to get some of these so cool!!

  • Jamie Emerick 1 year ago


  • Jamie Emerick 1 year ago

    Cause its just SOOO easy to find driftwood in ps

  • DarkwitchPixy 1 year ago

    Love this vid! I am so trying this for my apartment! Thanks for putting this up! ^^

  • Mara's Musings 1 year ago

    Yep and they get the moisture from the humid air in the tropics 🙂 They are all over florida and they get BIG