DIY Complete Indoor Kitchen Veggie & Herb Garden for UNDER !

In this episode I will be showing you how I made a complete indoor kitchen herb garden for under including lights. This super simple project will have you growing fresh herbs and even vegetables in no time at all.
4″ Happy leaf LED – (Use promo code MIGARDENER for 5% off)
Screw eye hooks –
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DIY Complete Indoor Kitchen Veggie & Herb Garden for UNDER $50!

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  • Eric

    How does this video have any up votes? You promised a whole garden for under $50. Instead we got a commercial for a $50 light. You didn't even show us that it had successfully grown any plants for you.

  • Julian Child

    Okay, learned a lot from this video. Thank you. Now I just want to offer a little food for thought:
    a) You programmed the lights to come on at night while you guys are asleep. Plants, like humans, do need times of rest in total darkness and unless that area gets totally dark, you might want to try having them on during the day when you might find use for the extra light, as well.
    b) I can't provide you with a resource but I once read an article that claimed that even light from an adjacent room can inhibit the body's natural production of melatonin, even if doors are closed. The same article stated that the illumination of an alarm clock on a bedside table can do this, as well.
    c) Between LED lights and actual sun are full-spectrum plasma lights, which I understand are pricey, but I can't seem to locate any to determine just how pricey.
    Thanks for the video!

  • Faith White

    Hi! I'm looking to help my herbs and indoor plants thrive and I think this light will be perfect! The plants are already sitting on my kitchen counter underneath upper cabinets so it will work beautifully.
    I have a question- why do you have the light on at night vs. during the day?
    Would love to know! I look forward to watching more of your videos! Thanks!

  • Purple

    My biggest concern is how long it will take to make $50 back growing the tiny amount of herbs that will fit under such a tiny light. I can get basil for $3-$5 per plant at the grocery store. It would take ages to grow enough basil to make 50 bucks worth it. That’s still insanely expensive.

  • Francine Bouchard

    I'm just glad I found you! I'm learning so much. I don't feel like a cursed gardener anymore now that I'm finding out the problems I've had were not my fault. I have hope and am looking forward to future gardening.

  • Jan Vautard

    I enjoyed watching your progress with the 87 year old tomato seeds and love the idea of this small, quality, LED grow set up. Perfect for kitchen herbs among other things and, I would think, great for people with limited space, like those living in apartments, who really want to grow something themselves.

  • Wardens

    I ended up getting the 33" model, the light is pretty impressive. That model only draws 48 watts and puts out an amazing amount of light. Thanks for the lead.