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Learn the Simple Techniques to Finishing off Your deck so it Looks Like it was Done by a Pro!! HOW TO RENOVATION VIDEO LIBRARY: How to build custom planters and hand rails on your deck This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out! Check us on on Facebook: Our Website: Video Editing Services by: Moskal Multimedia Royalty Free Music by: Royalty Free Music by: Licensed under the Creative Commons License, Music: http:// Artist O’Connor ( PURCHASED LICENSE PACKAGE Related PostsDeck Railing Planters ~ Deck Railing Planter Boxes DiyThe Window Box Guy™ – 732-895-6262, Deck Planter Boxes, Patio Planters, Railing PlantersHow To: Installing GAF Roof Deck Protection & Roofing UnderlaymentSet of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters with Dan HughesBackyard Renovation, deck, fence, planters, lighting, sub-tropical, kwila,Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters on QVC

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  • Cudda Brown 8 months ago

    Love to see u guys working together..

  • Michael Galle 8 months ago

    LOL Good Job Dad !!

  • SNEAKERS REHAB 8 months ago

    hi where did you get the post cap? whats the size of the metal gate and whats the height of the post?

  • Dave D 8 months ago

    Hey Jeff, Love the videos! I'm a Handyman and I like picking up tricks and tips from the pros. Your vids are really well presented and make a lot of sense, a really down to earth approach. 1 question I have about this deck…I saw the floating aspect of the stairs and the planter boxes in respect to the 2 different platforms. How did you carry that over with the handrails??

  • Mustafa Anabtawi 8 months ago

    Do you do anything to hide the screw heads?

  • Donald Craig 8 months ago

    Dont agree with the landscae cloth you should have used bitchathane flashing it repells water and keep the wood from roting you can still drill holes in it and dirt wont touch wood .

  • Julie Santiago 8 months ago

    New subscriber here. Watched the first video about 4 hours ago, and, I have not been able to stop watching. I love your way of presentation and instructional education, your knowledge and experience is most evident, and your attention to detail just screens quality work and strong integrity. Thank you for the fenomenal treat.

  • georgeEPC 8 months ago

    Excellent!!! I like the "deck I built with a little help from my dad"

  • greg l 8 months ago

    Where did u get the metal stringers?

  • rummy98 8 months ago

    Beautiful deck, come sa.

  • Home RenoVision DIY 8 months ago

    Let me know if you would like to see any other deck features shown on the channel!

  • Ronald St.James 8 months ago

    Nice work guys ! I really like the planter box and will tackle this for my next project ( If it ever stops raining ! ).
    I hope you were able to finish before the rain storm ? Also nice camera work Max .

  • Morality Police 8 months ago

    thank you very much for these videos gentelmen

  • Philippe Prétot 8 months ago

    Ça assure les gars!

  • SandiRose27 8 months ago

    Ha Ha Ha Haaa. 'With a little help with my Dad.' Nice of you to pitch in Dad. ; )
    Good since of humor Nate. And as always, good job, Max. Thanks guys!

  • Eugene Weekes 8 months ago

    max is a chip off the old block,,good job guy's

  • Michelle Csiernyik 8 months ago

    Hey Nate! How appropriate is that 'Superman' shirt. You are the man!!!! Keep it up!!

  • Boris 8 months ago

    2:38 Aluminum doesn't rust 😉