When the summer begins, with sun and long days ahead of us, a great desire arises to make the most of our terrace or our garden, not only relaxing while sunbathing, but also cooking a good grilled meat, in company. of friends and relatives. There is a huge variety of barbecues on the market, but why not build a DIY brick one? The cost is not comparable with that of the barbecues already ready for sale and the result will be of great effect and satisfaction. Where is it more appropriate, however, to place the barbecue? It is generally more suitable to place it in a shaded area, sheltered from the wind and away from dry branches and leaves. This is for safety reasons and because nobody likes having to cook for several minutes, if not hours, in the scorching sun. The space must be comfortable and large enough to allow the cook to move freely and smoothly and to allow the construction of an indispensable support surface next to it. Do you feel stimulated enough?

Comfortable and modern brick barbecue with various support bases and compartments

Barbecue in the garden, with hood and side bases Before starting the actual construction phase of the barbecue, it is essential to have clear ideas in mind. First of all, it is necessary to know how to build it, whether with a fire or double and what structure you intend to give it, bearing in mind that more complex forms require more effort and more skills, probably. Other information that must be kept in mind are: which fuel you want to use, whether gas, electricity or solid fuels (such as wood, coal or charcoal) and, based on how much money we intend to spend, request a quote. A second step involves the drafting of a mini project of the barbecue, with various dimensions and number of compartments, in order to follow the construction avoiding possible errors in the processing. Before starting the construction it is absolutely necessary to identify the position and know, clearly, if you want to build it on the lawn, in a corner, with a hood or not. At this point we are ready to proceed with the construction.

Barbecue in refractory bricks and support surface with tiled wallBuilding a do it yourself barbecue masonry requires the use of various materials, tools, tools and objects. First of all you need to equip yourself with a shovel, hammer, spade, level, trowel, straightedge, pencil, trowel, meter, plumb line, stakes and drill with accessory for the dough, as regards the practical part. For the installation, however, it is necessary to purchase: refractory and solid bricks, terracotta tiles, cement mortar, two stone slabs (one for the barbecue itself and the other for the support surface), a plate perforated and a grill. Before starting the construction it will be essential to clean the area where you want to insert the barbecue, preparing the ground for the foundations and, consequently, digging a hole, about 30 centimeters, for the entire perimeter. It is very important to locate a point of the garden or terrace sheltered from the winds and, possibly, sheltered from the sun. We are finally ready to move on to the implementation and have fun doing it!

Barbecue built in brick, with two compartments and hoodLet’s start from the foundations, delimiting the perimeter with the use of meter and stakes and digging a hole. At the end of this operation, the concrete is poured, mixing cement, sand, water and gravel and leveling the casting with a trowel and level. We let it rest for 36 or 48 hours. With the drill we mix the cement mortar and begin to lay the bricks row by row, until we reach the predetermined height and using the help of a trowel, trowel, level and straightedge. We are very careful about the slope of the wall, thanks to the use of the plumb line. We proceed, in the same way, for the construction of the three walls. We build two internal walls, in the lower compartment, with a height of approximately 40 centimeters: they will be used to support the hob for the grill. Let’s not forget to line the fire chamber with refractory bricks and leave two slits where the grill can be inserted. time to fix the slab to the worktop and cover the barbecue, superficially, with the laying of terracotta tiles. The last step is to place the grid and the perforated plate. Good barbecue to all!

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