diy aquaponics | aquaponics systems | aquaponics fish

Diy aquaponics
diy aquaponics | aquaponics systems | aquaponics fish

Step-by-step How to Build Your Own Aquaponics System …

“Break-Through in Organic Plant Nutrition Leads To Shocking Results… ”
“4,000 Pounds of Organic Vegetables Per Month, With 1/10th The Space… The Gardening Revolution Begins!”
“It’s Almost Completely Automated.”
“It’s About Giving The Plants What They Really Need…”
“They Tapped Into The Power of Nature And the Plants Are Loving It! ”
“It’s Easy and You Can Do It Too! Get Up To 10 Times the Plants In Half the time!”
The best part is you can do this too, it’s easy, and you don’t need any experience.

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A group of young pioneers has taken up residence in an old meat-packing plant in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. They’re part of a small band of urban “aquaponics” farmers, growing fish and greens for restaurants and markets. (April 9)

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diy aquaponics | aquaponics systems | aquaponics fish

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