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The 3rd part of a DIY project growing aeroponic leafy greens. 36 growing sites in a 2 square foot area! Related PostsDIY Aeroponic Tree pt1Growing an Orange Tree in Hydroponics Part 215 Days of Growing Aeroponic SystemsMinecraft Vertical Tree Farm Greenhouse / Silver Tree Laboratory (Alpha-Omega Map)First Aeroponic System: six wks later pt.1Gardening secrets DIY aeroponic system


Vertical farming



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  • Peter Beyer 1 year ago

    Set up a sanding machine using a pedastal drill and a bench grinder. Just move the little cups around on the abrasive pad. You could buy grow pockets.

  • ron23ald 1 year ago

    hello, how did you get the plant holders to curve with the curvature of the tube?

  • Jennifer Johnstone 1 year ago

    i wouldnt want to use glue when used for food.

  • proconsulaugustus 1 year ago

    Nice vid. Maybe a blowtorch and a light touch, you could melt the edges just enough so they are soft. God knows what kind of toxic hell burning pvc gives off though. Keep up the good work!

  • TheLawlbreaker 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your efforts.  I'd be concerned about leaching from the pvc and glue, particularly given high-UV exposure.  Have you tested for this?